A gamer's life

a gamer's life = no life.
liek seriously. i m so bored until i laid my elementalist to rest beside lawliet's dead elementalist.... WHILE TRAININ. i guess this is what Davis mus have felt when he trained me last time.
cannot level, cannot leave ppl alone, cannot do anything. jus sit there suck thumb, and protect. lol.

but its okay~~~ cos i m going to bring her to places where i can start level already 8DDDD she's lvl 20 and i m happy


saturday. went to teenage icon competition. potential pointless but good luck to all those who got in. there is more to come 83

sunday. went to renaissance's jammin. i shaldnt elaborate cos there is no point. some stuff jus happens and its pretty much none of my business really. I dont need to know and I dont want to know.

and i think this blog deserves more me 8D cos i m lazy to transfer pictures hurhur

lovin my new lens


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