major short-ish update kindaaaa

shoot with taichou today for paranoid doll.
lesson learnt. GO FORTH AND VECTOR TEH TATTOOOOOO but den again, i admired my own handiwork on both his and my face 8DDD yesh. we are sexy people thats why we are so awesome. rofl.

throughout the shoot we were like praising ourselves and admiring ourselves until geno and lawliet bth us hahaha XD and I cant stop laughin at taichou XD i bet he got really irritated with puwahahaha XD

had macs bfast. both me and lawliet can has manry brown bunnies. bwahahahah


backdate timeeee~~~~


went out with taichou to do some last min shoppin for the shoot.
after that went out to dinner with him and lawliet. thanks for taichou driving me home these two days of meetin me 8DDD

usually it takes me 30mins to travel from pioneer to bugis, and during train closure, it took me ONE HOUR to travel from pionner to CLEMENTI. I AM NO SHITTIN YOU. it was that freaking slow =.= i was sooooo pissed luh. was late...sorry taichou ;A;



went to cover on Renaissance again for their gig. vids and makeup/hair[mainly for neo and pearson], did something slightly abit diff for both of them while retaining their usual style 83

Love their new setlist and setup to bits and pieces even though the performance was a taad disappointin for me personally.
but it was like a practical suicide mission for them. hahaha XD
Joanne was MVP, new but strong bwahahah/
by the end, half of the band was chui.
Davin and Neo got gastric while Pearson ate too fast and was hiccuping like crazy.

had BK bfast for dinner. wth XD



went crazy.
arranged with neo,jon,ren and lawliet to watch movie. in freaking morning.
met at west mall at 10AM to have macs bfast and watched the 11.30AM movie. epic much.
Early morning wake up, jus to watch...comedy.

amusing fact about neo: his laughin sense might not be awake in the morning but his humor is definitely in full force.
Ren and Lawliet were laughin like crazy at his comments at MACS.


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