Major update /0/ hoooooooooo

YAY~~~WHALES~~~that make noises. hahaha

okay. will have a rollback update now before i get very distracted again.


Fri 24/09

In the morning, woke up and raided hamster's acct after that waited for Davin to wake up so that i can use hamster's acct to secret guard him. During afternoon, Net was like SHIT. i keep dc-ing. until i bth. completely.
so sorry to Davin =3=/
He has uber patience with me, hahahah if it was other people gaming with me, like my old gamer friends, they would have fucked me up bad XD

so bo bian~ i have to run off to meet Chris also, so i offed my com and zaos.

We arranged at 5, delayed to 5.30 cos i was drying my hair, and he reached at 6[but i waited for 5 mins only also HAHAHA] damn epic.
After that we decided to skip dinner and headed to arcade straight /0/ YAY~ i found another person who can play taiko with me other den jon and twinneh~~~ but the rank is something like that...

twinneh and jon switch around for some songs.

After that, Chris wanted to play UFO catcher, so we went to look at all the dolls.
They are shooo fruffy that we died hahaha
he wanted to catch teh seals, but failed after three tries or so, den he gave up and moved to the whales beside.
He rolled the first one[blue] down and wanted to catch a pink one for me, but by pure chance, he smoother the chin of the grey one and the grey one fell down XD so i took the grey one instead (*´∇`)

The whales are like uber cute and they keep growling. hahaha XD and we used them to make alot funny epic noises before and during jamming. but they were too soft for the awesome jrock rythems /0/

Jammin was not the best, but it was proper. Loved it as usual. The music cant sync properly for some parts though, so its kinda messed up sometimes.

After jamming, went for prata with them. Bad move, cos i reached home very late and spent money on cab~ $30.90. wth. to hell with midnight charge ( *`ω´) ゞ
but ah well. A little money spent to spend more time with great friends from BOTH sides. what more can i ask for~
i've always classed my friends in two sides

Davin, Suying, Neo, Joanne, Chris, Pearson, Anjelina, Kai, Faith
Jon, Chiru, Ren, Petz

its kinda hard to mix them other together imo. cos there is a certain diff to them afterall, and when we hang out, we do really diff stuff =3=/ at least it is to me i guess~~~


Thurs 23/09

Was called back for a shoot for the singing/dancing one at workplace. fuuuuuuuuuuuu
was so tired from the gaming night *slept at 4am*
so rushed back to work place. Suppose to be at 3PM but i reached around 3.45PM i was the third one to get there. followin me was Makiyo. Lawliet prolly reached first or mayb Fion. hahahhaa.

nomnom-ing before shoot~

Love studio lights


After that, tabao burger king and went home to game again. wtf. hahaha XD


Wed 22/09

YAY shoot and training /0/ need to shoot for promo pictures of teh cafe~~ hurhur
so yea. wootz /0/ training was making sandwiches[wtf] and icecream dishes~~♪(´ε` ) twinneh was particularly excited about the icecream part. but its all like idiot proof

Everybody geared up in full uniform for the first time~~

me and twinneh~ a look at our uni~~ we are opposites hurhur


me and vicki~



one of the icecream dishes

hahah teh awesome leopard print chairs

me and petzie

dressing down

casual /0/

After that, proceeded to go home and game. Gamed with twinneh[till 2AM] and Davin[till 4AM].


Tues 21/03

Had a shoot with twinneh for the Republic Mag.
The interview was pretty...awesome i guess? hahaha i think i said alot of sensible stuff instead of bullshittin them~ so proud of myself ( *`ω´) b

After that, by spastic means. me and twinneh went to bugis to shop a little and have dinner.

Dinner was ridiculous. we went to dine at CheekyChocolate @ iluma.
the helpings was gorgeous

teh mushroom soup

my hawaiian crepe [sucks btw]

twinneh had an all mushroom meal. she had mushroom spaghetti. we couldn finish properly, cos all the food became too....uhmmm...FLAVORFUL. HAHAHA XD

so yea.

after that...head home. game. hahahah


its hard to talk to me nowadays unless its on phone.
i m too busy gaming peeps ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

for people who are curious
I am playing GE aka Granado Espada @ Rembrant server
Family name @ Andelia_2 [used to be Andelia only, dunno how come GE changed it for me lol.]

met new friend Leynthall aka Sadi. She was the one who leveled Lawliet from 23 to 66, now lawliet is a highlevel newbie =.=;;; HAHAHAHA

so yea. back to gamin now ciaozu ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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