make @ H^o^m=3=

Daizystripper shall be uploaded cos i sibei lazy to go online and ask for pictures now.

anyway H^o^m=3= is how Chris usually check-in at 4sqr so yea. hahahaha..

so make at Chris's today.

So met Chris at Clementi's mosburger with Davin and waited for Joanne to arrive.
but when i reach home and checked tweetdeck i jus feel the need to apologise for bein mean and trashin his mood though i was kidding.
sorry davin ,_, really sorry~~

after joanne came over, she was super blur luh. Wanted to go toilet, so she passed the bag to Chris, and i took her to the washroom. When she came out, she was like, EH sochii. did you see the big bag i carry jus now?
me: uhhhhh you passed it to chris?
joanne: oh. is it? AH HAHAHAHA *walks off*

she is zai. hahaah

Operation "contact lens" was....half successful. Chris jus gotta keep trying. I was in too much pain to help him out actually. Neo..fell asleep also. hahaha
Dont really know why. but I seemed to have jus stopped telling anyone about anything. well, cept for my back thing cos joanne hit my back with the fly stunner thingy and yea, i gotta fess up or die in pain, innocently XD.

So after cutting pearson's wig, went to do nua abit cos the pain became slightly unbearable. Woke up and was totally zoned and blurred. felt so much like tearing.
Did the make for Chris. hahahha. convinced him to wear both top and bottom lashes. like. naise only~~~~ but note to self *shift up top lashes*
After make and hair styling, he was liek camwhoring all the way.
His mom was however...abit shocked. and funny
quote chris mommy " You are not gay are you?"
AHHAHAA i think i died laughin at that.

After that was supper with them /0/ now still feeling damn full =w=;; gonna go wash up and jus sink to bed and sleep.
My phone keep on auto-off itself. damn wtf. i m gonna get fucked real bad if it auto-off on friday =A=/

BTW my hotmail is still not unlocked and i still cant get on msn =w=b the only three ways to contact me ONLINE now is GE, Facebook and my tagboard here.

Little things do mean alot to me now i guess...


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