training day 1~

because i m lazy to edit/upload pictures of myself from my phone 8D so i decided. what better den to use their photos PUWAHAHAHAHHA eyecandy for fans 83


anyway, went for the cafe training today. it was...boring. really, honestly boring.
1. muz remember quite abit of stuff [beverage training, mocktails, italian soda, caffine beverage and shot[no alcohol YET]]

2. tryout uniform. Its my fav colour 83 lawliet tried to take my picture but she wasnt fast enough to catch me 83

3. leopard pweens chairs

4. is it me, or are japanese people VERY friendly. lol. so far all i've met are friendly ppl/ over-enthusiatic people. but in a good way of course.

anyhow, i doubt i can remember. meh.


sho nua *rolls rolls rolls*


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