YAY /0/

love my muskie~~~ hurhur double gun~~~ hurhur but the accuracy weak like shit. whocares. it looks good.
and my fighter~~~ love her after so many years~~~
and of course my indispensable scout.

This might not be my strongest team, but its definitely my favourite~~~

i have been bed-bounded so much these days that i think i have zero strenght to go out. and i couldnt play FF with the guys cos of the requirements so i went back to ge~

but den again. ge suits me. no muggin /0/ *reads comics while training*

trainin my *used-to-be-strongest-now-weakest* team.... basically the team i started out with.
my elementalist, wizard and scout. its so damn weak i feel like cryin. LOL. but den again. i wanna equalize all my barrack members' strenght. so.... bo bian. wahahaha.

*back to gaming*


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