Epic 6%

Currently amusin myself with blogging from petz' phone with 6% left... Burnt myself with the steamer for ironin clothes ytd Zz n the guys sittin nex to me now STINKS.

Gawdddd why can't all guys be as clean-concious as the ones I know??? anyway, the cut healed very well even though it still hurts. Maybeh I hurt the vein or sumthing... 3% left. I should really get a phone with data plan den maybe I will blog more often...I m gonna miss this phone LOL

2% left hurry up 3G!!! I wan upload piccy!!!

I m amused with hiroto nowadays...so I shall leave you guys w a picture of him


Above was blogged on Sunday morning....but i failed to upload a picture of hiroto in time and i failed. LOL!! so yea.

Today work was mainly at the back for me. shoppin for halloween and to replenish some stuff that are CONSTANTLY missing. prolly one or two of the girls. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR FREAKIN PANNIER/BLOOMERS HOME. liek we have enough in the shop liek that.
If you take them home to wash, please freakin return them the NEXT DAY. ugh.

but i've placed order for two more bloomers and jason brought in four more panniers today so should be alright.

i hate macbooks. lol.

and i peeped into jason's inbox and something made me laugh REAL hard. i saw that damn burmese's email HAHAHAHA my ex-colleague from my old work place. I think I laughed to death or something...he is still stuck doing all those things, serves him right. If you had been kinder to me back then, you would prolly not be doing any administrative things on top of your own sales marketing work. Happy working to death.

jason attached my picture to him luhhhh, i wonder if he can recognise me... hahaha in your faceeeeee i m in a much better place, sitting on awesomely chio chairs and not working to death in a rundown office like yours~


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