Epic email -A-

liek. super fucking epic.

From: Robert Chua (robertchua1984@yahoo.com.sg)
Sent: 29 October 2010 06: 43AM
To: sochii_yuuto@hotmail.com

Hi Sochii!

I will pay you $200 if you are daring enough to kick my balls with your boots. I am not joking with you. There will be no nudity involved as both of us will be fully clothed. I will pay you $100 upon meeting you and another $100 upon completion. This session will take 10 to 15 minutes of your time. As I want real kicks, I expect myself to get injured in the process. But don't worry, I will not hold you responsible and you can use this email as proof. We can either meet in a Budget Hotel or in a public place that is discreet (e.g. Staircases). Please let me know if you are keen.


seriously. i lmao-ed like batshit crazy when i saw it. anyone who wants to go can email him luh, but hahaha...i pray for your safety 8D

If that person reads my blog. den no. I am sorry but I am not interested in your and your pervo ways. If I wanna SM someone, i makes sure its a pretty uke looking guy. kthxbye.


i swear by my scout.
Win is the funniest and most annoyin dude i've ever met. and Leyn is like the most violent girlfriend. sucha sweet pair n'awwwww
but...scary too. HAHAHHAA..

will update some other time.
lightened leyn's hair colour but i think it needs bleaching. shall do it like maybe three weeks later or something ba 83

Feel sorry for win gettin tortured. but hahaha its funny to watch. dont die man 8D FYL


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