GE and some annoying issues

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While waiting on for my GE pictures to upload for your amusements, I shall touch on some problems @ work.

Why do people always cancel last minute on work just because the work schedule is flexible? It pisses me off...BIG TIME. I have a good mind to implement some sort of rules on that. I am GOING to do it.

Do you know that there must be a certain amount of meidos to share the workload on various days so that it is fair to everyone??

for example.

5 meidos work. equal workload.

3 meidos working. wtf?

and everyone is gettin the same pay.

to all the meidos from the cafe.
I will schedule you guys as flexible as possible. However, the next time you cancel. You WILL forfeit one day of pay. You are suppose to cancel one day in advance so that I can find someoneelse to replace you.
I will discuss this system with Jason, so that no one will abuse it.
I am super pissed because the schedule today was suppose to be complete, but one meido took urgent off and did not give me a reason for it. It makes me very annoyed.

I was also unable to go down and lend a helping hand because an intense headache hit me last minute. I am on OFF btw. That. solely. annoys me even more.

2. Stereotyping

- Why do all freaking customers think that ALL the meidos should be cute, moe or a tsundere?

fuck you AND your fappin self.

Does Miss Hannah Anafelows from Kuroshitsuji *above picture* looks freaking MOE, CUTE OR IS A TSUNDERE?

If you wan super cute and moe meidos to feed you and do all your ai kome, feel free to head down to AK87.

We bunch over at CK have tried our best to serve you, make sure your food are clean and edible with the lack of meidos to give you enough attention. Tell that to our boss okay? If you want to compare our place with cafes @ Akihabara, convince our boss to get a proper KITCHEN CREW, so that we can give you our 100% attention without having to WASH, CLEAN, COOK and make sure you are enjoying yourself all at the same time. We are all HUMANS not DEVILS

3. Comments on our deco.

Ask the boss. stop asking us.

4. Disrespect

Just because we are working there and you are our masters/customers does not mean that we have to take abusive/lewd words from you or your rotten dicksucking mouth.
Just because I am smiling does not mean that I am taking your words silently.

We might be meidos in a maid cafe, but we are certainly not your pleasing hostesses at some cabaret club.

5. Our concept

There leaves much to be desired. I wished we had more DECENT-TIMED workers so that we could really give more attention to our goshujinsamas, but we couldnt.

Imagine a full cafe with 10 ten tables.{during weekends}
and of only say 6-8 meidos.

1 @ cashier doubling as a bartender
1 as bartender
1 as chef
1 as a constant door greeter

that leaves 4 other meidos.

Tell me. How are we going to give 100% attention to every single customers?
10 Tables vs 4 meidos.

Cafe issues aside. I still love working there. At least it was way better den working @ kaimay even thought i have to socialize with people whether I like them or not.


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Me and Leyn has decided that scout and calyce makes the best couple ever.










me and leyn were awwwwin all the way. I think Davin and Win were like =A+ wthhhh

a few weeks ago when we were chiong together /0/

and of course. me, lawliet and davin watch while leyn and win were the ones killing 8D



got chased by multi coloured hounds

clearing of the deck

some of davin's barrack characters when i first logged in, but his setup is totally different now

lawliet being amused by my poses when she was still a highlevel noob, davin still calls her that

the cutest darn little thing XD

and jus because i had a headache today. i went to sleep for a while. and this was what i saw when I wake up. *click on picture to view the convo*

hey dude. I've been playing for more then 2 years[on-off crap] do i look like a give a flying fuck as to where you think I should AFK at? If its hard to kill, its still my kill. You jus look like a mofo talking to yourself. kthx.

tmr driving in the morning and work again. I am working hard to prepare for the event. I really hope it pulls through properly...


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