suay =w=;;;

hahaha when win meets teh charsiew.
LOL. they look really alike irl. damn funny only.

anyway. damn suay. i think i lost too much blood today. meh.
I thought i suay enough. my brother got it worst. he got runned by a car =w=lll at the back of his bike. his bike flew, but he din though. He ended up with quite serious abrasions, idiot din take the opportunity to get some cash. moron. I would have sucked that guy dry or something. hahahah /0/

concotion pictures.
Fion damn powderful, she made a dark blue drink, called it deep ocean at first, den we drank it, it was imba deep. we called it depression in the end, cos it made us all feel rather depressed. Yes, the workplace is filled with people who have exaggerated emotions. LOL



dont ask me what is the diff. lol. the flavor is.

wittle safari~

bottles from work. the new sparkling wine we brought in

i cut myself twice today. the second one made me bled for like 5 mins? ionno. i lost too much blood to keep count. i even started feelin faint. this must be how my cousin felt when his friend accidently bladed over his finger. LOL


and very happy today cos of Renaissance *hearts you guys* Sorry if i scared you guys and made you guys worried or something 8D;;;

but thank you for the gift~ love it lots.




i dunno where they got this from though. YSL babydoll should be pink parfume...ionno why is it pure crystal white.
and i know its definitely not lightin cos i saw pink ones on sasa shelves before

but aiyur. it smells about the same. so whatever *flips hair* thanks guys.


lol. ionno is it me or what. but nowadays, i m gettin much more numbed to injuries.
total injuries count this two weeks.
cut on right finger, burnt on right thumb.
two cuts on right finger
bruise on back
injured shoulder.

i dont really feel much cept for tinges of pain here and there. its during nights when the pain really surges up if i stay in one posistion for too long. lol. fuck it luh.

i've done the necessary actions to correct it 8D no. you cant protest or complain, because it is actually to your freaking advantage now. even leyn agrees.


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