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do NOT fucking advert on my blog.

how many FREAKING times have i mentioned it already?
things do NOT come for free. SO unless you are going to contribute something to me, do not ever fucking advert on my blog. I thought it should be a wellknown fact already, and also isnt the lack of adverts on in my cbox an OBVIOUS sign.

Pay cbox for it, if you wanna advert in cbox =.=

on a side note...I really hate those FB adverts who tag you in their pictures. Never fails to amuse me to actually flame their sorryful asses. Their pictures do NOT even have how does it counts as photos of me? *inserts xedo face here*


woke up with a splitting headache. dont ask.
going to head down to onsen later again to check the work time. Was deciding to head down this morning, but apparently i concussed due to the headache. Yes, it was that bad. LOL.

On a side note, I am still rather ticked off about some things.


Just now when I was browsing through my elgay, I found something funny i did last year, so I am going to do it again this year, but difference is, this time BLOGGER shall get the honor of it instead of elgay since this is my main blog

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In September I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). Last Tuesday I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points). Last month on a flight to Colorado Springs, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). In November I bought porn for lj user=mikanlinn(-10 points). Last Sunday lj user=berniemoran and I robbed a bank (-50 points).

Overall, I've been nice (150 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

i dont really give a damn about nuns though. *shrugs*

however, i DO wan my toytrain *wiggles in happiness* but i rather wish for somethingelse like Aoi.


Other den a splitting immense headache of wtf, I woke up to people flaming both vocaloid and Aoi.

I am not going to share any link nor am I going to post anything siding any sides on the music topic.

I knew shit was going to happen when I saw Aoi's tweets around afternoon, I jus did not expect it to be like that. For people who do not know, Aoi deletes tweets that he think are not appropriate to be online anymore, not because he runs away. I've seen him doing that on more than one occassion.

What happened in that tweet was jus a human error, I dont really see the need to be so angry over it already when Aoi have already tweeted his reasons and new thoughts on vocaloid. It is not like he is calling vocaloid trash, unlike some miku fans who rambled on about GazettE's creations being trash and them being faggots.

I am a fan of gackpoid and luka myself, but I do not see the need to lash out at Aoi like that. This is not because I am an avid lover of Aoi, but think of it from an absolutely neutral view.

Human errors are often when views are biased or commentor has little knowledge of it.

Thats why there are words like MISTOOK, MISUNDERSTAND, MISINTERPRET and MISREAD.

Overall. I jus think that people who participated in the arguments the WRONG WAY are rather childish.
For example, posting things like
Miku fails
Aoi is a poseur
Miku is jus for otakus to fap to
the GazettE are jus faggots


my dear Aoi-hubby ar...please learn the consequences of tweeting carelessly when you are a wellknown artiste/musician...

and just for the record, I am nt going to entertain hate views on this post. If you comment about it in such a way that I do not like it, I will delete your comment.
I thank me for not forgettin my cbox password, really helped me gotten rid of alot of advert junks.However, it can always take me a step further ^^


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