Dayout with Kent and Hamster


lucious amount of food =A= i feel so damn obese now. lol.

anyway headed out with kent and hamster during afternoon after completin ayaya's gakuko wig 83

i m awesome that way 8D

okay luh. its not exactly a great feat. Anyone with sufficient patience can actually do it. really.

so went out with them and watch harry potter. 3 hours. actually. i nearly fall asleep. its soooo...boring. LOL. ionno. i think the other chapters seems better. mayb cos its draggy? i dont like draggy shows unless they are like drama series.

special thanks to yuki/fye for passing twinneh her wig.

outfit for today~~~


I have the urge to say something and i said it today to kent and hamster.
and they were like... uhhhhh =A=
so yea. damn funny. keep guessin ppl 8D but you can ask me online if i m comfortable with you 8D you people know who you are

After the movie, we went to look at a shop that i like alot. A specific dress caught my eye, full of nice roses. roses. hehe. i like roses. However, it was SHO EXPWENSIVE ;A; even if they were willing to buy it for me, i will not allow. =A= liek. rip off much. but its still very pretty~~ shall only look at their dresses and not buy 83

slackin @ billy bombers~

the two funny buggers.

Hamster on left [5 yrs of raising him as hamster]
and Kent on the right [6yrs of callin him niichan and still aspiring to steal his stuff 8D]


cos kent's card was sho whiteeee

the name. is. a. LIE.

@ my house area's playground


tmr is day out with JONJONJON /0/ BFF~~~ CANT WAIT *wiggles around*

I wonder if i'll look weird in a dress =3=;;;/


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