interpew and vhatnots


Lotsa teddybearssssss huge teddybearsssss

went to interview at Onsen today. lol. its more like they are askin me if i wanna work there den me going to them and tellin them i wanna work.

so. yea. still considering.


after interview went to walk around abit.

Decided to buy kate's eyebrow mascara after seeing in ranzuki.


works quite well. see my eyebrows change colours damn funny.


on the bus

10 minutes after gettin off


I was walkin in a storm luh. dont know why i did it also. but i jus did. people were lookin at me like i m some kind of crazy person. I think I look like i jus got fired from my job.
It was a reviving to walk in the rain like that though. jus strollin back home. *shrugs*

WATER CANNOT HURT PRETTY PEOPLEEEEEE *flips hair* lol. i joke. i m not pretty, but its jus rain really.

tmr got drivin..siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn pui.


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