Make shoppin with Zander

This guy ALWAYS complains that he is chubby. yea right. like anyone's gonna take it.
He prolly have the lowest self-awareness of his own good points compared to any guys i know =.=;;;

So yeap.

Din sleep a wink till 9.30AM today =A= dont ask. I just lost track of time...and stayed up till dawn.
Was suppose to meet Zander at 10am, but he smsed me saying he needs more sleep and so we switched it to 1pm and i took a power nap of 3hours. More den enough I guess since I wasnt really THAT tired.

Shoppin went quite well...and ~.~ we kinda overspent. hahaha~ sorry Zander~~~~~
After that, headed to ichiban to have lunch for him, and jus noms for me. Thanks for the lunch.
and den headed to my place to do make.
He always had pretty features to begin with~ so it isnt hard to make him look like a girl. Black hair, is definitely not his colour, but we jus make do I guess 8D

It was plenty much of laughs during the whole thing. After that, we sat around, chat abit and stuff. He's grown up quite a bit since i've known him, but he's never really changed much I guess. Somehow, somewhere in me, I am glad. I cant really say why either. Its good that he's decided to talk to me too i guess, really sorted out tons of stuff tonight.


Things happen for a reason
And I let things happen for reasons
For those reasons alone, it is enough to endure the consequences.
I've always believed so.
I will always think so.

excluding shit happens.those. sucks. HAHAHAHA


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