Repaired hair and painted nails~

zero make not even base~~~

hahaha its the lightin. and my eyes been funny these days from excessive crying, so therefore teh awesome tapered double lid..on ONE EYE. hahaha XD
pruss contact lens.

tried doing alot of things these two days to cheer myself up. dunno if they are even working

number one: touched up roots.
I've been meaning to do so ever since...two months ago? i got busy. so whatever...had time to do it on wed due to some reasons.

tadahhhh zero roots for at least two weeks? *hopes*

I realise my hair looks pretty much like kanako's hairstyle last time [EGG model]

but den again. I had zero intentions of following her and hers is more prominent 83. I dyed it like that even before i knew her, hahaha XD my haircolour was more or less inspired by some indie band in Cure 83

kanako has a smile that is totally infectious, I am far from her -3-/

secondly, i've painted my nails~ going to give them a final brush after I finished bathing, which is what i will do after this post ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


spent yesterday slippin in and out of conciousness cos i was dead motionless on the bed.

today spent two hours talking to mika-chan and doing her make and hair for her prom tonight.
She loved her make. okay, because I was totally being an asshole about the lash part.
the moment i picked up her lashes, i was like HUH WRAI SHO SHORT AND SPARSE.

okay luh, it wasnt THAT bad, but it jus wasnt my usual thick kinds and it was BROWN. so liek hey. i are anal about it, and i threw another layer of those cheapo lashes on top. She smsed me two hours ago, tellin me it was awesome and she doesnt wanna remove it anymore. LOL.

she promised to get me a few stuffu from Japan~~ n'awwww


so as of nau.

my new models to follow are kanako and sakurina. they are jus two very wonderful women *heh*

egg models are very imba imo.
they appear on the mag with NUDE make[TOTALLY ZERO EYEMAKE, so you can see some of them have single lids] and still exludes their wonderful and infections confident aura. I sure as hell cant do it like them >.> i'll flip.


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