Ruki Shimeji~and plenty of other issues

Immense cuteness of kanako-chan 8D ~~

woohoo~~ okay. this post is going to be kind of long-ish. cos I have alot of stuff to rattle about. lets start with random stuff liek DA~ hahaha so yesterday while I was dye-ing hair for twinneh, she was constantly naggin at me to update my deviant...which I am ALWAYS lazy to do so.. so yeap =.=;; after constant mumblings beside me, i decided to upload one photo infront of her. HAHAHA so yeap. epic. got faved by taichou hahhaha

This being the reason~~~

sooooo anyway~~~ twinneh came over yesterday evening to do her hair~ She was tempted, so yeaaaa =.= her hair was like. CHOPPED SHORT.

while bleaching. she's NOT really hard at work...when she was suppose to be. hahaha


den we upped the ash latte~ pardon the shot. =.= she was nuaing into my stomach for god knows what reason...

random stuffu~
OOT. but here is a comparison between sochii and shinyoru 8D HAHAHAHA

something that azh hon drew for me, n'awwww love him to pieces


sooooo went out today after jason called me in the morning...

at first i decided to go out liek this

decided my make was too washed out
so i decided like this

i gave up and went out liek this


things at the cafe are rather hmmmz =.=;; and i've said my share luh. whether you guys wanna listen or not..i cant really be bothered since I am not really workin there anymore. It is not that I am heartless or is jus that...haiya. dont say le.

No matter what I say, if they do not change their point of perspective and no one makes the first correct move, it will end up in a disaster anyway.

so yeap.
After parted with Jason, i went to the library. YAY I AM GOOD BUIP. hahaha... decided to borrow a few books to keep myself busy till i actually get a job i guess ~.~

and upon reachin home...i fell asleep in less den half an hour. WTF??? woke up only around 6 odd. it was still raining, and i felt even much more decided to go back to bed till 7 plus.


Realised that i've hurt my right knee for no apparent reasons...maybe is the old wound or something.

On saturday night, I suddenly feel a sharp pain when I moved my leg. I thought it was mayb a cramp or something cos it is usual my my legs to lock when I stay in a kneeled or knee-bent position for too long. So as usual, I didnt really pay attention to it.

On sunday morning, when I was walkin to the bus stop with Shinya, I felt the pain again, but I thought maybe it was jus the stress on the knee or something due to the heels or what.

On monday night when I was walking twinneh to the busstop, it was there again. I was wearin flats this time, so I was rather shocked.

Today, I can confirm, I think I really hurt my knee. The pain was there at a tolerable level but all I did was shift from lying to sitting up. Of course, I dragged my knee against the bed a little, but by right there shouldnt be such pain.

I wonder how am I going to drive tmr (*´∇`) *gets bricked for giving such a i-dont-care-face*

on the side note, I've been amused by shimejis nowadays.
Lawliet showed them to me on monday night.

Apparently there is still no Aoi ones. If anyone finds it, or is willing to make it. DO TELL ME *i'll be a happy buip*


and if you are bored enough. here is a video 8D in slightly fast forward format of course. hahahaha isnt shimeji ruki the cutest thing? hahaha


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