Boxing day~ and stoles~


feelin damn guilty can? cos i never give out as much presents, and some are even way belated but prewarn. HAHAHA

from top left

from miyashi
> some sweater from some kr brand
> guy laroche wallet*totally floored when i saw this* walao eh miyashiiiiiii
> cute handwritten flip card. Liek...super small handwriting. HAHAHA

from elaine [dunno if its xmas gifts or not but its her samples left over 8D]

> green bottle , eucerin cleanser
> small green tube, fruit of the earth aloe vera gel for sunburn or irritation skin *reads*
> bioessence 10 in 1 BB cream. Used it today, there is good coverage, but i wont place it above my face it high definition BB cream *glees*

from twinneh

> brown storage box with her message scribbles *laughs*

from sy

> marjorlica chpt 25, RD600 wing neo [red mascara]
*the one i super gian until cannot one den she buy for me hhhahaha ^^ll *

from davin

> M.A.C. Angel A60
*am lovin the colour AND the creamy feel to pieces*

from Jon bff

> *not featured in picture* gakupo+luka funny fanart bookmark from CF

from zander *eh not really. it is more of zander give lawliet den lawliet throw to me*

> white chocolate and snacks from the hokkaido brand.


ehm here is the christmas dinner i cook for my parents. HAHAHa

as usual 83
i m sure ppl are sick of seein this on my blog already

and our christmas cake!!! BWAHAHAHAHA atas cheesecakeeeee


this is chocolate 0.0
damn cute




today used the pair of dolly wink bottom lash that twinneh gave me.
abit not used to it, and it is an ass to CLEAN. hahahahah
but quite happy with the look 83 though i feel abit weird without bottom liner 83

lazy to do anything to hair today. so jus straighten




weather is liek shit these days
the corner of my left mouth TORE due to the extreme weather. even lip balm also cannot save.
so damn pain luh

well. thats all for now.

still working on my game and stuff. but tonight i shall stop abit since i've already killed one boss today *beams*


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