random post for today because i feel like it

dead sexy. i might consider doing this version....if i have the location 8D HAHAHHA

anyway. i was considering of uploadin a picture of me in full gear anti-cold outfit at home today [which consist of shirt, jacket,blanket and jeans] but bluetooth wont work.
all in all, after wearing those, i was still feeling abit cold *rolls eyes* i should not have took the bath...but i was going drivingggggg

So driving was rather alright today... well. At least, I did not get scolded *happy face*

After that, chionged through 2 fictions. Dont ask me what I was reading, I was reading pretty bimbo-sophoremore stuff. *flips hair*
wanted to game abit, but jus as I was hacking the shit away at that stupid birdy....my batt has to die. so no psp for me till tmr morning since I do not want to play in my brother's room.

and my heartfelt loving-to-pieces thanks goes out to ayu~~~ That girl went and bought gazette photos and she is giving me one of Aoi's. IN MY FAV AOI'S SHOWMAN POSE. so much love for her please??!!

i have another dilema too. whether or not i should use the new wallet.

but i shall leave that to some other time to decide cos my brain is simply too occupied these days.

*random* using some XO red wine mask that Leyn gave me. ITS SUPER CHILLING when the cold air blows on it, loving the smell~ woohoo~~


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