This was the picture i was talking about. HAHAHAHA. thick. liek. hell siol 8DDDD

anyhow. this. isnt a good month for me i guess.
tons of things i've seen these days only reminded of how much I should NEVER get into another relationship. It jus scares me you know...of how guys act nowadays.

My bro jus seperated with his girl recently, and he wants to die. *rolls eyes*
yea i know most of you are like JUS LET HIM LUH. HE'S JUS SEEKING ATTENTION
he's my brother. my only brother. my parents' only son.
he's acting loserish, childish, and stubborn. I still like him as much as i hate him. He is still my only younger brother. thats all I can say.

so yeap. things got abit emotional and out of hand, and i cried like shit with him.
Turned up at CK lookin like a total wreck cos i need to deliver the clothes

jus a few thanks.

thanks ah gong for the citigem bracelet
thanks miyashi for dinner
thanks elaine for mawr samples
thanks ven for comin down to chat
nice meetin invinc too


met delvis and saku by chance too. it was a huge coincidental gather. hahaha.

sorry twinneh i couldnt send you back. Dinner was my only meal yea. Actually, I din wanna eat either...but i know somebody wont be happy to hear that i've not eaten the whole day *shrugs* and i dont wanna lie.

so even though i m like crap today. at least something cheered me up abit.
Marjorlica story 25 RD600 from sy~~
used it today cos i was lazy to put on eyelashes. it really work. lol. black AND red lashes. teehee


crimped my hair abit today



bullied a kapibara

i keep on disturbing ven. askin him to say that it is a worm. because I SAY SO. i've been tryin to convince everyone that it is a worm. i dont know why. I jus think it is. I know it isnt, but its jus seems so much funnier. Anyway, ven gave in~ hahaha he say that it is a worm everytime i asked him. hehe~~


and for no apparent reason



i look crappy in the last three is cause i've cried ok...and i've only touched up my lashes cos it fell due to moisture loosenin the glue.

Also cut my finger...din realise until i've finally relaxed abit about one hour ago. hurts like shit. ~.~

anyway. time to jus rest abit here and there.
obvious attempts are obvious but i cant be bothered.


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