*wriggles* My first bunneh ears~

yay~ chio picture to start the blog with 8D

was going to go out without make today, but decided to put on some last min because I just like the bottom lashes so much 83

base with bioessence 10in1 without concealer ~.~ my eye circles are HORRENDOUS. omg...i better start sleepin early more often *teehee*




yay~ double tail for today~~~ haven't tied like that in a long long time....well. because i was rushing out too...i was LATE again to me ahgong Shawn...as usual *rolls eyes*


so he brought me to fish and co.
~.~ i hate fish. really. and after today, i confirmed that =w=;;;

i have two countriessss BWAHAHAHA

tigger!!! shall dig out mine later to hug for tonight

i was hugging this when we were walking around NTUC. Ah gong was like buy la.

and ah gong bought me my first usa headbanddddddd. hur. sankyuu ah gonggggggg

but den again. i prolly wont wear it so much *makes stupid face*

am loving my new lipstickkkkk *wriggles in happiness* if i've knew it was that good, i would have bought one early. AH HA~ sankyuu davin~~~~

haven tried out the makeup stuff that i got yet... but will have chance soon >3

on the other hand...tmr...is driving day =.- so is wednesday MORNING and friday MORNING. *groans* i am REALLY hating driving...i really cannot deal with the instructor. dead hate him.


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