youtube vid 8D;;;

hubby @ tokyo dome *hearts*
gotten from Ayu's twitter~

recieved an email from emi today, she was checking on her costume and wig, and casually mentioned about the vid.

well. i have never youtube-d myself until today =A=;;; hahahha

neo is in it toooo~~~
hahaha i think its cos i used him once as my prof picture so the creator thought that it was me.
well...not to mention that the creator thought i was from indonesia...and with that, i can confirm that the person is not friend like mentioned in the video ~.~ll hahaahah

gamed for a rather long time until i abit dizzy. hahaha


live update

my mom is being a super bitch now. Shouting at every single person, not to mention the fact that is being super naggy. Raising her voice at everything.
and the fact that she has hurt her hand has somemore how "ALLOWED" her to be more bitchy and sacarstic. Like she is the only one who is suffering, and the only one victim. *rolls eyes* reminds me of a certain someone. pfft.

shall sleep early today i guess. not much to do around here.


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