blogblog 83 breakfast with chiru~

currently the most useful gift that i have 8D;; never leaves me unless i m not wearin contacts~~~

btw~~cammie did a review on Garder La Foi's clothes:
^^ do read~~

wanted to blog yesterday but sorted got my attention dragged away by 人形宮廷楽団 8D;;;

Driving yesterday was awesome. The three hour lesson did not feel like a three hour lesson 8D
My circuit wasnt the best, but it was so far good out of all my attempts *small little happiness*
Following on, instructor actually started talking to me on various things, teaching me... or rather reminding me of certain things that I have already forgotten.
He reminded me of things that are good and bad to me in away, bringin out everything that should be laid out. It was sort of an enlightenment of some sort that i actually see something.
i can at least change abit of some things even if it is not appreciated. 
There is no definite in everything, but slowly moving towards a better would maybe help ^^
I should stop complaining about my instructor really and be thankful from now on, he actually guides me pretty well both in dirving and in life now 83

After driving I head over to MarieFrance Bodyline *gwahfs* Got a call invitation for a complimentary tryout, so i went. Hahhaha I needed to tone tummeh anyway 83

Reaching there, I am like this super big country bumpkin going wahhhhh 0w0
lol. i felt retarded but i was happy XD

cos i damn vain even without makeup now 8D;;;



wrap and hand treatment~




lol. in the end i tore up the wax to pass time and got caught by the therapist, we both had a good laugh at my boredom 8D;;;

after thanking the people there for the treatment, i went home to do house chores =w=/ and i killed a rathian the other day tooooo 8DDDDD omg. liek sho proud of myselfffff hahahaha cos i m such a loser in that game can OTL jus humor me... i will improve ;A;


270111 TODAY~~~

random abit first : omg. i jus did it 8D HAPPY!!!! ok. back to blogging

soooo went to breakfast with chiru!!! YAY~
Enjoyed my breakfast and chat with chiru luh, its been so long... She said somethings to make me happy but i wasnt exactly down, so i felt even happier that she cares for me even though we were not the closest in the clique back then. ^^v

yay piccy~~~ cos we feel that a meetup photo was essential. was happy when she asked *gwins*

show you what was in the gift that is sho usefulll

specially love the little bottle. awesomely saved my moneh 8DDD

tried a slight diff look today


mom and dad before i shoo-ed them out of the house 8DDD
mommy was super LOL. I finished doing her hair for her, she wore her ageha dress...FROM THE TOP. hair = GG-fied. I facepalmed. It was damn funny luh the way she came to me, she was liek...ehhh sorry 8D how ar?
me: waliew mommy =A=

adjusted abit here and there for her and shooed them both out of house. YAY peace in house 8DDD wahhahahaa. seriously... its a whirlwind everytime i get ready my mom for a dinner, damn funny XD

okieeee time to get back to my yaoi manga cos it is so awesomely sobtastic. The storyline inside really can kill luh ;A; *tissue standbys*

twinneh >>> *huggles* all life journeys comes to an end. hearing that you sound fine over the phone leaves me relief, but i hope you are really fine.




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