Day in 83

8D thought i would be liek dead bored at home today but guess NOT. ah hahaha XD well... i was planning to get to the tutorial, but i guess time kinda got away from me abit 8D;;

ANYHOWWWW driving was okay today I guess... nothing much. felt like sleepin while driving. hahaha XD a police car wsa driving behind me, and my instructor was like "dont panic, drive properly", and i was like *yawn* i knowwww *change lanes*
ionno... they dont intimidate me when they are not blaring sirens and chasing me i guess.

So yeap. Reached home and decided to get started on the nails for my mom, realise that i did not put on the top coat and while waitin for it to dry, i got distracted by other things anyway so ended up only stuck on two miserable flowers.

Mika came over to collect her stuff for hakuouki, but as usual, we'll jus lounge around and chat. She is a very nice girl imo, i always feel at ease to talk to her ^^/

sooooo we decided to play with the costumes cos they are oh-so-freakin comfy.
SO~ we played with ven's coat BWAHAHAHHAA

mika was officially drowned in the coat but i wasnt any better... if nt jus slightly cos i m taller den her

and den we played abit with ciel 8D wittle moustache was made from the loose fibres from mika's wig

got my lashes from mika too~~~~

cant wait to try out the lashesssss


here are some posts about garder la foi YAY

from Rio:

she recieved her clothes already~~

from camille:

she did a post while choosing her clothes~


driving at early morning again tmr...6am. ugh.


everything changes.


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