i can hash no freakin idea why there is a picture of Aoi in my daddy's netbook. ROFL. i prolly plant it here but forgot about it.

went out as planned today to shop for nail stuff with twinneh.
Twinneh wanted mac breakfast so we ended up eatin at clementi first before heading out to chinatown.

Met my secondary school teacher, ms betty lee. Had a short chat with her and showed lawliet the price of the wallet that miyashi got me for christmas ^^;;

When I reach the shop, i was totally spoilt for choices... too much choices, not enouogh money. hahah... davis and kent came by to pass me the stuff to retrieve my hdd items, which btw my mom sent it to the repairman at the very same time FML, but thanks hamster for bringing it down upon order.
Hamster showed off his new phone for abit, i lieked it and gonna aim it as my next phone. Disturbed kent abit, but as usual he is jus very nice. Sometimes I jus think how the both of them can stand me really... kent was wearing one of his christmas ear studs that i gave him, it was freakin bright and obvious, esp when he shaved his sides already and davis had his hamster "collar" hooked on the bag. hahah... it is not exactly a collar... its jus a belted bracelet. I noticed he dont wear stuff on his hand, but i jus thought that the idea was amusing... I know both of them had told me that they liked the bottled message pills, it was memories with the both of them... some of the best and most unforgettable ones infact.

After that, they left for their friend's bdae party and twinneh found this.
i forgot was is at LG or JL.
but anyway. this is for kent. HAHAH

funny much. inside joke.

After that went to Daiso @ Douby with twinneh. We bought the same exact things.
- nail plates [hers was transparent with tip i think, mine is silver for mommy]
- thigh high black socks
- container with several compartments


after that we had pretzels *YAY* and headed back to jurong point cos twinneh had something to get and i was meeting my parents to go to a relatives.



So yeap. steals of the day~

gouk-inspired top given to me by twinneh.
biore wipes given to me by twinneh~
lotsa nail stuff *rolls eyes*
socks, container

spent quite abit today.

i thought i was actually feeling better, but turns out it was only for that moment.
i jus couldnt get it out of my system... pretty much bloggin this now, and stoning every other moment or so.
Things are going to change i suppose, and I am hoping it is for the best.


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