CNY day2

coordinates for day2~~~ BWAHAHAHAH XD i m so damn lazy to take pictures of myself...


1. make+hair abit chui
2. hating my new top [going to sell it away]
3. contacts were super dry and feeling super irritated.

every year, i get called names because i dress differently... I mean it is okay, because it isnt bad names and i m totally cool with it as long as it is moderate... because alot of it CAN HURT.

However, I am a tad regretful today... because of this name-calling issue, i snapped at my grandma ;A; She is naise and all really... I like her alot... but... OTL.
I am in the wrong really... I should have kept my temper in check, but i was so irritated with the crowd in the house...

grandma called me a doll[in chinese: 洋娃娃] ever since day one. Just now upon meeting her, she called me that again and over again...
I know you guys might think what is the big deal, how could it have irritated me... well.. FYI, my grandma is young for a grandma. She said it in a sacarstic mocking manner, so i snapped back: I HAVE A NAME AND A SURNAME [我有名有姓], i was even tempted to continue on saying that doll was not part of my name, den i realise i shouldnt have done it.
First, it was VERY RUDE.
Second, it was my grandmama who was always super naise to me.

... *headdesk* I felt so guilty two hours later though...when my anger had simmered down that is. Sowwie, Grandmama ;A;
she din take the offence though... so glad.

My cousin, Wilson, was there at my side today though. Chatting and cracking nuts for me...
He was totally bored to tears... so was i. How bored? Bored enough to take out my psp and complete a few MHP3 quests =.=;;

Will update again with the rest of the pictures with day 1 soon~~~ prolly nex wk. *shrugs*


there is something that i can never understand. Why do people who dislike me read this blog if you dont like me that much?? Isnt it a pure waste of your time which can be used to do more productive things?


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