My two fav guys in Vocaloid. lol. either too old or too young *facepalm* hahahah but i liek them that way.

Anyhow. back to topic. Since I have not been bloggin for a long time, I might as well do something productive to the public. rofl.

So yeap. within one week, i've attempted to colour my hair darker TWICE. yes.
and I've come up with two signs that god might be trying to tell me.

1. You should not have dark colour hair
2. Stick to Gatsby dammit.

personally, i preferred the first sign, but i dont think my mom will like it that much. well... i've tried 8D hahahahah

So first one would be some random KR brand that i found @ iluma

Lemme explain, I wanted darker hair, i never say i wanted super dark hair. so yeap. which leads to my choices of colours really.

at the back of the packaging, it shows that my plantinum blond parts are suppose to turn into the "milky golden brown" on the packaging.

so i left it on....

what really happened in the end...

1. my dark brown parts turned up one shade lighter
2. my blond parts turn even much more lighter
3. my black roots turned brown

Sochii's verdict: YAY.
Reality verdict: there goes SGD$8.50 for an attempt of darker hair.

So if you are trying to get your dark hair to turn into that colour, this will work VERY well. hahaha



cant say i m not happy. HAHAHAH XD


So second attempt... because kent paid for my dye this time.
I was deciding between GATSBY classic mocha and PALTY jewel ash.
I was torn between two because of the colour and price, but kent picked up jewel ash for me, so i was liek, WAI NOT *gwins*

on the package once again... my hair colour was suppose to turn into chocolate ash colour

bwahahahah XD

yep. guessed it right.

my blond parts turned into silver ash colour
my brown parts turned up another shade lighter

sochii's verdict: YAYYYYYYYY
reality verdict: *headdesk*



I am at a loss of what to say... One thing is for sure, ITS A SIGN~~~~
I will take a picture of my new hair colour very soon XD

nowadays I m watchin HunterXHunter again, i jus love Hisoka so much. Him and his perverse attitude 83 on top of that, I am playing MH and of course, keeping an eye on GLF[] like i am told to, while mr bossman aka davin goes to taiwan and hiao.

There seems to be an influx in the amount of food at home suddenly, and I am actually finding comfort in food that it is scaring me because that could mean me gaining weight *makes sad face*
ah meh. hahahaha.

I just realise that I am actually gaining followers on this blog 0.0;;; I am actually tempted to do a giveaway... mayb when i reach 50 8D?

Sometimes little actions are the ones that matter the most really.


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