Anna Tsuchiya


Anna Tsuchiya

She's not the most beautiful
She doesnt have the most perfect body
Her attitude might not be the best
She might not have the best voice
She might not have come from a complete family
She is definitely a controversial person and even violent last time

but i m so very in love with her acting, her modelling and her voice.
She is
almost my inspiration now, but not quite yet.

i first remembered her from her movie Kamikaze Girls

and recently Davin showed me her collab with namie amuro[i used to like her alot too and i think she is very beautiful] and AI. Which made me remembered her, and i begin looking for her footsteps in the show biz everywhere online, and i found another work of hers.

Here's the collab that Davin showed me, but he wanted to show me Namie actually, not Anna. HAHAHA

The other work of hers which I found interesting was
- Sakuran -

In Sakuran, Anna plays Higurashi / Kiyoha, a attendant who grew up to become a courtesan and finally Oiran, the top courtesan in the house.
This scene was during her Oiran ceremony, it was stunning and full of confidence.


I dont know why i blog about her though... I guess there is pretty much nothing much to blog about nowadays other den driving, and I wanted to share my love for her... so thar. 83


I lost count of the times I have walked down that path alone with a tear-stained face
Now, it makes me so numb that the path is becoming rather easy to walk even when tears are streaming down.
Everyday, I grew stronger than I have wished I was.
Everyday, at the very same time, little parts of me starts dying or jus died.
I guess, it is really me and myself.

writing out things doesnt make me feel any better, but at least, it eases me up and calms me down.


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