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Yep. I haven been blogging out recent issues... i mean heck, I've never blogged about recent issues as long as I remember, because they are not really any of my concerns really. I m doing this because THEY DESERVE WHAT THEY SHOULD GET.

Seriously, just look at the various news and reports online about the way they face the disaster. If you are still thinking what the hell I am talking about, you are a hermit. LOL.

JAPAN, is what I am talking about people and they are facing their crisis calmly.

read some of the tweets from Japan here:

basically on to the main topic, as I was driving today, i heard on the radio that professionals suspect that Mt Fuji might erupt again ever since the last time 300 years ago, I was like WTF?Dont they have enough problems already?

and when i was home, davin shared a link with me that officials there say the worst that could happen was losing Eastern Japan. Well... Mie is in the opposite direction, but still.

Japan has also been quite efficient in their work

but to do all these, and to take care of the citizens trapped there, resources and finance is needed.
I am sure everyone likes something about Japan.
Jpop idols, Jrock musicians, magazine models, animation + manga creators, phones, food, cars and heck, AV GIRLS.

What is abit of money to protect / help something that you love so much? If you can spend tons of money on your hair / nails, I am sure that you can just put some into the funds. Missing a few sessions for hair and nails doesnt make you ugly for life, unless of course your job requires it. Then again, if your job requires you to maintain hair and nails, you are prolly fuck rich. So BE GENEROUS.

Anyway, GLF has decided on having a SALES. yes.. lol. SALESSSSS

details will be here:

Do support our cause.
You can buy pretty clothes to dress yourself up, and at the same time, Japan earn abit for funds. win-win situation.

Before anyone go on and shoot their mouths and say that ppl@GLF are prolly taking this chance to earn money, i'll have to clarify.

The links for independant donors have been put up.
Links are from RED CROSS and GLOBAL GIVING, not personal set-up funds by GLF.
If you do not care for clothes, then donate DIRECTLY to the associations, EVEN BETTER.

you might ask why GLF dont give ALL the sales proceeds to donations.
simple. we are still a damn business, just like every other business out there. At least we give part of the sales to donations unlike some shops who chopped the money in huge chunks out of you[lets say charging you THREE TIMES the amount] and do not give any out. I know some shops which are like that, but I m not going to mention names, each to their own. GLF is just trying to help within means.

SO~~~~ thats about it.

Look pretty with GLF's clothes and at the same time helpout Japan in their crisis~


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