more random updates~~~ ps2 /0/

sexy. ikr 8DDD

nowadays I've been rather productive cept for today 8DDD

ehmm... i did laundry, updated GLF's blog[preorders ending soon, there are shoes and clothes for preorder 8DDD].
Today went out driving again, surprisingly... when i was about to park, i realised that i was blocking someone's way. so i quickly reversed into any slot behind with the intention to adjust later. When I stopped to wait for the car to past, mom was shouting at the back "PARK 好了阿?[Are you done with parking?]"

Being the retarded self I was, i stuck my face to the side window in attempt to see if i m done *of course i couldnt see it... lol. After that I opened the door to look at the ground, only to realise.... i've parked into the slot nicely in ONE SHOT. HAHAHAHA am i fucking lucky or what */hates parking* hahaha... the only parking i liek doing is park in a corner and wait or park on my bed 8D

Currently I am reading random manga, and these are few that I find interesting

- Totally captivated [BL, total tearjerker (well, either that or i m a sucker for it)]
- Gamble fish
- Breaker

Been playing
-Treasure island
-cafe world
-vampire wars[well not really, jus in there to collect stuff, i think i m going to stop soon]

- Neopets

YES, NEOPETS. lol. i've not touch that website in YEARS!!! prolly four years or so... but YEARS IT SHALL BE. hahahah XD neopets is serious business /0/


Anyhow anyhow, here are the pictures

I've finally used my ps2 after 823645832752874 years 83
It is still working. Thank god.


i will only go n'awww over gamegirls apparently hurhur *hentai jiji face*

yep. kilik, my true love in Soul Calibur

jus for the heck of it, nightmare should wear pink

something random, but i m loving my kitchen's carpet 83
awesomely cute and fluffeh. yesh, i m loving the texture too...
for those who dont know, i hate carpets with a tinge of destruction because i dont liek the textures.



the very next day, i scooted over to Davin's to play Dynasty Warrior 6. FUCKING HARD TO PLAY PLEASE, ok luh, i use lvl 1 character on normal mode... i m retarded that way 8D

did up my hair in a easy tie-up

After that, went to Nex to have dinnar 8D awesome nex toilet lightin is awesummmmmm




went back to work @ Cawaii Koohii on sunday

never thought i would wear the uniform again...

and i burnt my hand *idiot move*

the whole circled area plus side of hand... lol. its recovering awesomely well though.

back to neopets /0/ */childish* ahahaha
Shall upload the scans for april soon >A


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