small update much 83

because i think the middle girl looks liek kelly from PearlyKelly 83


jus a random update cos I have not been updating for a very long time.

First of all
33 blog followers /0/ yay~~~ 17 from my first giveaway =w=b


Most of you might have heard that I went back to Cawaii Koohii to work for a day.

As much as it wasnt my luckiest day, but I had fun working there again with Lawliet. Doesnt mean that I am going back to that place though.
Burnt my hand[around 5pm], burnt my leg[in the morning not at work], and one cheki din develop properly so i burnt that a little too~~ WAHAHAHA

Will be posting some pictures when I upload them from my phone.



Been listening to Copy&Paste from BoA宝儿.
It ish an awesome song by BoA and her legs are oh-so-chio along with her fantaztic hairstyles *lovesloves*
Her style jus reminds me of a good mix between korean and Japan fashion. 83


Lastly, to update what I've been thinking of doing /0/

SCANS!!! mwyeahahahaha 83

I'll only upload scans which i've read though. So you can request if there is a specific magazine scan you wanna read 83 However scans will not be super updated, jus some back to back scans ~.~/

Egg [March]

Ageha [March]

will be uploading Egg April and Scawaii April soon. Anyone wants popteen?? but I figure popteen is so easily available everywhere so I am not too sure if i should upload it.


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