Daiso lash tryout, jrock and birthday

the thing about visual....

I cannot ever seem to break away because i like visual more than i adore ageha ._. gosh. Everytime i turn myself to look at some VK band... i sink back into visual faster than i can imagine... it even tempts me to cut my hair which is liek a halfhalf between nowhere non-categorised hairstyle. *smacks forehead* but then again... if i do go back in full force... i'll pity my ageha/gyaru stuff *booooooooo

half-assed person here *waves hand*

Anyway~~~ why I cam to this topic is because Ryoga's hair intrigues me. As in his style from precious


it is proven again that I m obscenely attracted to ppl who are less loved 83

but anyhowwwww this is something new~~~ my new little love is IV besides from Ryoga
it will be interesting to make him cry =3=/



The other day I tried out the lash that i previously post.

overall... it felt light, compare to other lashes. It is not solid enough to hold up if you are sitting direct below an a.c cos your lashes will be constantly blown down.
However, the boning even though not hard enough, still pushes up my lids nevertheless and compared to those pink boxes of daiso lashes, this pair actually freaking stay GLUED properly instead of loosening as and when they like.

The effect was jus a meh though. i'll prolly use it to stack on top of another pair to create volume insstead of wearing it alone... but if i dont feel like wearing volumous lashes, this would be one of my cheap choices.



I need new lens... any sponsors =A=;;; hur.


Last but not least~

Happy birthday, Davin. Everyone should have given you all types of wishes already, so i wont give anymore 83

dad drove me by his house to drop his gifts from me and mommy, and also SY's stuff.

Cake that my DAD bought
hahaha so suitable for him please.


me and mommy were double shocked when Dad got the right amount of candles when we did not tell him how old Davin was.

My dad is awesome that way.

now pardon me while i go zhng my hair into some funny style.... if i find my rubberbands that is...


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