Day out with mommy \0/

So.... was suppose to head out to cafe promo shoot today, but i did not make it cos my eye was swollen 83
well... it was rather horrible in the morning... mayb i've been crying in my sleep because my whole eye was sealed up when i woke up to locke's sms. My headache was splitting, i could only open one eye, so before i could even press the reply button, i ko-ed again.
After that I woke up the second time to lawliet's sms, and ko-ed before i reply again.
I dont really know why I was that worn out... lol

So i did give it a chance, i tried my usual remedy for swollen eyes but till now, it is still slightly puffy at the side.
Around 3 plus, i packed stuff for the shoot and brought it out cause mommy dragged me out to get stuff from bugis and to wait for my dad to finish his class[some stock maintain thingy class, he was having test].
After we've finished shopping around 5, my eye condition still did not improve, so I decided to forgo the shoot because I did not want to harm my eyes by puttin on contacts while my eye is still in terrible condition.

While waiting for dad to finish class, went to walk around the shoe section @ OG with mommy. Saw alot of nice shoes, especially the Bonia ones. DEAD EXPENSIVE. Like, 140 for heels and 200 for ankle boots. /faints

After that, went for dinner @ IMM @ Baystreet21. Awesome nomnom beef... well... not THAT awesome, but it was nice that I can finish it. Mommy did not eat much...HAHAHA

went to Daiso to get some heel replacement for my mom's boots also... cos one of heel plate thingy fell out...

Also got some steal for myself~

Insoles~!!! heeeeee now i can be taller while wearing normal shoes hurhur~~~
and some peachminty slips~~ nomnomnom
and new lashes~~~ cos i find the design interesting to try~

the lashes come with glue 83 but personally i will not use it. Will try it on the nex time i do make again heh

random stuff~~~

my Japan and London paddingtons hurrrr awesomely cute

and my wittle huskie. I know its a gift from someone... but i forgot who really.
Chiru was it?


49 followers!!! one more to giveawayyyyy hurhurhur

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random sudden thought.
Endorphins and Phermones are such wonderful things. BWAHAHAHAH *selfbrick*


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