Like the title says, this blog will be on hiatus for a while...

Mayb two weeks - one month.

Several unfulfiled things will be settled when I am back.

- vid tutorial
- giveaway [gonna revamp]
- backlog updates

i will still update my twitter and facebook from time to time.
twitter : sochii_andelia
facebook: Sochii Kamiya

There are lots of reasons as to why my blog will be sent on hiatus after blogging for so long.
Mainly because in life, I am abit tired out. If I am unable to properly mend my life in reality, there is no need to update my life online.

If it is so hard to do something right, I might as well not do anything. That is what I used to think.
It is going to be rather different within me from now though. It is my own battle.
I might not be the weakest, but I am not that strong either.
At least I am better of a person compared to those who point fingers.
Please by all means, do whatever that pleases you, say whatever that pleases you.

Whatever that I do within these two weeks, starting from now, will prolly be a wrap up because I've been stalling for too long that it is starting to take a toll on me.
and I just realise. After two weeks, we will move into the second half of the year.

Mayb this is what was directed to me? Thanks alot of all those who have done things to direct me to this stage of my life. I am thankful, because it means that my life is going to start soon. Cant wait for it~

I will be back guys.
Wont you still read my blog when I am back?

Love Sochii


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