Japan shipment is loveeeeee

i dont know... compare to getting china shipment, Japan shipments always sends me in a *dokidoki* state. AHAHAHA

So yeap~ yesterday some china stuff and some japan stuff came in~~
I jus chucked the china stuff one side after sorting it out, and went to play with my Japan goods >w< teehee~~~ but the fact that i see MADEINCHINA tag on one of the merchandise just makes me sputter out in laughter... mainly Golds infinity stuff.

HAHAHAHA Anyway.. Here are some of the stuff that came in~~ SHOES~~~~ bwahahaha. Prior to the spree here that i held: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150146134819133.293697.580149132

If anyone still wants shoes/clothes from there, you can still pm me on facebook cos I am waitin for my other stuff to come from there... and prolly gonna get new diamond lashes /0/


Seeing LinoSug is jus... awesome. cos i m a fan of their shoes


but they belong to a cute customer of mine~
i cant resist taking a measure even if i cannot wear it teehee awesomely long~

Doll's Deay. prim and proper

Mine and SY's heels.
Honestly speaking...
The shipping wasnt cheap... and the shoes did not use real flowers considering that it was not an authentic[which i come to realise later when i recieved it.. my shopper did not tell me about it.. i guess she jus thought it was the same], and i m really very much anal about the lousy workmanship on the base and all...

but. after wearing it and testing the stability. I would say... money well spent *nods* its 15CM heels btw~



and den~~~ clothessssss YAYYYYY

Loving my new babydoll top~~


But I am planning to let go of my purple one that came together and my other new brown dress


SGD40 [negotiable]

Any takers?

last but not least~~~

Today is the day to commerate the birth of my Mommy dear *huggles mommy* happy bdae~~~
Wishing that she is happier every single day, because she is already super chio HURHRU

and today is also the day to thank a guy's mom, for giving birth to such a funny man 8D
i joke.
Happy Birthday Taichou~~~


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