Mother's day and Giveaway~~

YEA~~~ its Mommy's dayyyyy hurhur

so my brother was ONE STEP ahead of me last night [or rather @ 12am] and clinged on to my mommy and gave her a kiss.
I followed up with a hug and gt swished by my bro for it, saying that I am riding on his love.

He rode on my message for FB =A= /rage

So yesterday... twinneh came over and we were suppose to join Lainelaine for dinner but turns out they were having it way too early so we decided to join Locke they all instead.

It was Jacee's bdae , Locke they all asked me to get a cake since they've failed to ambush him. It was.... half sucessful in my opinion. I couldnt tell since Jacee is rather shy, but he's cute hur~

Met Ferlyn @ waraku, she was as GENKI~~~~ as ever. Loudest. hahaha~~ her voice reaches before her.

After dinner, head out with the gang of them to lanshop.
Me and twinneh agreed that it was once again proven that a frying pan is a very efficient weapon.
Watched them played and laugh abit, before heading home. It is really hard to get a cab nowadays at lousy timings... and i realise, using an iphone to book a cab is WAYY WAYY faster, because those basket ppl will always put you on a hold and cabdrivers hardly pick up customers via phone bookings ~.~;;


Anyway i m still suffering from abit of slight headache so i should finish up this post asap.

GIVEAWAY because I have miraculously finally hit 51 followers as I am writing this post.

okay.... *coughs* i would say... my giveaway is seriously nothing fantastic but it was the best I could come up with since I am not working now. All items are totally new ._.

I'll be picking THREE winners.
There are a total of gifts which will be splitted accordingly.

The first two will get an item from each category, the third winner will get items from A and B only. As to how you can choose it, it will be release to winners only.

Group A
1. Diamond Lash No.3 Dolly Eye (Upper Lash)+ Brandless bottom lashes
2. ZA True white cleanser + cream [sample size]
3. Lancome Maqui Miracle + Shiseido Maquillage rouge/gloss [sample size]

Group B
1. Shiseido Revital cleansing foamII + Extra gentle cleanser [sample]
2. Shiseido energizing fragrance[15ml] + Relaxing body lotion[sample]
3. ZA sunscreen protector + Clubcouture $10 gift voucher

Group C
1. Iphone 3G cover [you can choose to get the cover itself or let me redesign it]
2. A set of fake nails designed by me


How to join~~~~
well. its like any other giveaways most probably 8DDD

For 1 chance

- Be a follower of this blog and COMMENT below [comments on CBOX does NOT count] with:
* name [used for following]
* email

for additional chances [+1 for every step]

- Do a post on your blog about this giveaway and comment with the link

- follow me on twitter @Sochii_Andelia , tweet about this giveaway and @mention me

Giveaway ends on June 8

Thats all for now den. =w=b good night and good luck *michellephan voice input*.


//dawn// said…

Name: mindless-obsession

Blog link :D

and I tweeted you!!/mindless_ness
adilac said…
Hi! Thanks a bunch :)

Name: adilac
Email: lcalida at

Nice of you to do this hehe
WOW !! do i stand a chance ??
Jer said…
Name: Jer
Email: jaekayy@gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @themoobinator
thanks for the giveaway!

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