Review: Liese IronMake (Rich Curl)

I've always loved sakurina's hair. Its always so.... prim.

ANYHOW~~~~ went out to jurong point again today, cos the driver dropped us @ JP.
okay, not really the driver... it was our warehouse supervisor, cos the driver took a 2-day MC. Dont really know if he is really sick or act sick *rolls eyes*

So~~~ went to get my cheap J&J baby oil for removing wax residues cause the wipes that is provided is always insufficient due to my abuse... i like to be sparkly clean, thank you.
After that, I was suppose to buy hairspray to use for my job on sunday, but BLAH. I got it...and SOMETHINGELSE. HAHAHAHA~~~

BTW. for Gatsby hairspray users, the hard set&keep is now on sale @ watsons @ $7.90 only. So stock up? ahahahah~~~ My last bottle from Ren ran out about 1 month ago *rolls around*

So~~~~ being totally Sochii... I always like to loiter around the make and hair area in Watsons, browsing through all the products[even if i've seen them before] and trying testers[which i m interested in]... Davin has always been saying LEARN FROM SOCHII, ITS TESTER FOR A REASON. thanks ar. I know I love using testers.... but i dont like touching anything that is already majorly depleted or look absolutely gross[eg. mascara testers, silky girl lip products testers]


I went to try two new products from liese.
Jelly designer[for loose curls/white] and Ironmake (rich curl)

The jelly designer wasnt too bad and the texture is light but I wasnt too interested in it since I do not have the budget.
After that I went on to try out the Ironmake(rich curl).

I am never a fan of heat-protectant sprays really. I mean... seriously. Why would i care when my hair went from normal to white to black?



However... I was thinking about the clients for sunday. *facepalm* it ish sho troublesome... So this curling protectant is suppose to have some heat-spring thingum. I tested abit of it, when it dried up, the hair seemed to regain its curl by abit... or mayb i was hallucinating or mayb it is the jelly designer. EITHER.

So testing at home was much more logical right? SGD10.40[or something] for one bottle, picked it off the shelves and went home with both sprays.

So here it is.


I tested it straightaway.
I used the same heat setting for both sides and this was the results. I did not hold on to a curl for a long time... prolly jus curled for less den 5 secs without holding @ 180deg.

The neater curl was applied with heat protectant.... What amazes me was not how nice the nice the curl came out, it was how SHINY the curl was.

Apparently the shiny texture is due to one ingredient from the spray.

or so i have read. Besides that there are also three other ingredients that i've read up on
Latic acid
Malic acid
Steartrimonium Chloride

These four ingredients have the highest quantity in the spray besides your usual Aqua and Alcohol.

Supposedly they are to help fix curls, smooth frizz[due to static], destroy odour, and keep balanced moisture or SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I am just saying on an overall term from what i read online, i have zero knowledge about such things, so go do your own research.

All in all. I cannot wait to use this spray in full hairstyling because I am already happy with one curl experience. Hope that helps others out there who wants nice curls too.

Off to bed... another full weekend. *phew*


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