Small haul + busy weekend + reviews~~~

HUEEEEEEEEEEEE i m so tired from life that i neglected blogging again~~ so here is an update for the weekend before i knock out on my bed.

Went out to serangoon on sat. It was like a serangoon all around trip~
Went to davin's place first to retrieve the clothes that are going to be sold, after that head over to Elaine's place, and finally went out with Jon.
Invited jon over for breakfast too when i went breakfast with elaine at Macs ~~~

Tried out the product fully @ lainelaine's place~~


Jon companied me to collect/pass quite abit of stuff
cozycot freebies
pass ri-chan's wigs
pass saku's dress
collect handmade crystal angel from simon

Simon,Jon, Lawliet and I bs-ed quite abit during dinner tiem, and accompanied Simon to exchange his costume too. Reached home quite late and super chui. During the whole day, my mood took a bad plunge due to NOTHING, i felt abit apologetic for it...

Not a gyaru/visual co-ord but i liked it~

Second day[Sunday]
woke up at 6am @&^$%#@&^#@ to work. seriously? yes serious.

I wont say too much about work, but as usual, working as a Make+Hair Stylist is fun but tedious. I love it, but it is not practical for me because of the competition in SG[super small country yo!].


SO~~~ was feeling super generous+ splurge a little to make myself feel better.
So here is my little haul~~~

Biore oil make cleanser, KissMe HeavyRotation Limited ChupaChup lipgloss [in Grape and Strawberrycream(given to twinneh so no shown)], Clorets[in berry]
the CURE was won by me in Beauty Carasol's PickaBox game. Mad happy about it.


This is the reason why i was happy. My bottle is nearly exhausted, you know you are well-loved by fate when it gives you honey~
YQ collected it for me from some freaking rural area of the country because I had no time on weekday to do it. THANKS MAN~~~


So here is the lipgloss review.
So~~~ KISSME has a collab with Chupa Chups~~ TWO OF MY FAV BRANDS~~~
i've always loved kissme's lipgloss range.

I own a kissme heavy rotation shiny gloss 02Sugar. note: this is OUT-OF-PRODUCTION
imo, this series was good, I have no idea why they ended it and only produce normal lipgloss and matted lipgloss...

If anyone is interested, I do have a new tube @ SGD$12.

so~~~the gloss smells awesomely yummy and its awesomely glossy~~~ I am LOVING IT.

Nya hahaha~~~ chupachup~~OMNOMNOM~~~
it has a stick applicator...which I actually liked better den the brush applicator cos it goes on smooth.


obviously a try out~ hahaha

So~~ i m loving it to pieces. I bought a strawberry cream one for twinneh lawliet but whether you will get to see her swatch of it or use it, that would greatly depend on your luck.
The colour is actually a milky pink for hers compared to my clear gloss with a hint of purple.


tried out the cleanser too~~
Looks absolutely meh because I was asked to put on makeup at 8am, which i jus slapped on some eyeliner and foundation[without concealer or bass]... lazy much.



the cleansing oil smells nice and it isnt really that oily.
Abit of it and a few light rubs, my gel liner comes right off. Should try it with the K-Palette tattoo liner the next time~~~ It was a tad expensive for my taste, but hey! It gets the job done.


I wont say I m fine.
I wont say that I m not either.
Control. It is hard but I am trying


Doku said…
thanks a lot ♥

I like your hair ! That's a wigs or your real hair ?

But, i dislike circle lense who's not very " natural " :S
Doku >>> that is my real hair ^^
well. its either being pretty or natural. I choose the former and thats why I wear circle lens

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