update pyohnnnn

tsu-chan~~~ so absolutely pretty in a wedding dress~~~ but i prefer the one she wore for her wedding. Petite and cute *hearts* I wore one before too, so i know how it feels *wriggles in happiness*
My future wedding would prolly have one short dress for change and one long dress for formal? hur~

Anyhow, work has been pretty much boring. I still make mistakes here and there but there is nothing much to do there really. In comparison, twinneh looked so much more busy den me ヽ(#`Д´)ノ i m nearly bored to death.
It was so cold today that i kept falling asleep... to the extend that I could not take it and went to the toilet to nap. Seriously, it was also so cold that I kept running to the toilet too...
eg. went to toilet > go back to sit > 10mins later, felt like i need the toilet again. GOSH.

If twinneh and alex werent working with me... i think i will get fired for sleeping. LOL


Tried out my outfit for Stocking. Have yet to iron my wig properly yet though but that shouldnt take long really.

Fan service because twinneh has toooo hahahaha
( ̄▼ ̄)ノ




twinneh gave me lollipops which was in the flavors of our new lipgloss, max funny.

and yes. I was THIS bored.

I have tons of things to say but they are part of the negative world so i decided not to post at all,least they stirred bad feelings within others.
I wouldnt mind getting called all sorts of names but why give people the chance to do so?
Only you know what you did, thats enough for me.


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