Radiant party kit review n Giveaway~~

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Soooo jus the other day~~ thesamplestore.com released their Radiant party Kit which raved to provide around 60samples.
It was such a great deal for $4.99 that i grabbed one but it sort of fell short of my expectations..

Hugeeee package cos i checked out another three more samples
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Here are thr contents of it~~
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I would say the amount is really worth the price but the variety of the kit was really disappointing. Firstly, would be the brand variety. Almost half of the kit was made up of Ginvera products. It is not that i am bashin the brand or whatever but i m just nt a fan. Of course the kit wasnt meant to be tailored solely to me but 4/11 product brand n 18/54?? Aside from that, cure water as samples... Those can be easily gotten for free. Next is 1000hour wax strips, totally useless. The fullsize product was bad enough and the little samples are worse. They do nothing but give you pain, prolly even irritation.

Regardless, i do commend their efforts into this kit cause some of the samples are really interesting to me. For example, the mentholaten nose patch[only one piece though...sadly] and the Kracie cleansing set.

Next was three other samples that i check out
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The new released Steamcream, Sunsilk frizz control cream and Lustre cleanser. I m lookin forward to try out the sunsilk one cos my hair has been really frizzy since my essential honey serum ran out. Totally broke n nt able to get it for now.

So here is what u guys have been waiting for~~~
giveawayyyyy. This is nt really an official giveaway that i promised to do... It is more of lookin for another person to share the kit since i have too much and prolly wont be able to finish it...

So here it is, it is simple.

1. It is only open to people who have a local address. Means that even if u are overseas, as long as u have a local address we are all cool.
2. Giveaway will end on 15th August
3. You have to be a follower of this blog on GFC (the follower box on the right)
4. Leave your email and google name in the comments so that i can contact you ^^ [+1 entry]

I will be using the random generator to pick a number

How to earn extra entries?
+2 reblog this giveaway n leave the link with the required info
+1 follow me on twitter @sochii_andelia n leave your nick with the required info above
+1 retweet this bloglink with @sochii_andelia and keywords: giveaway, 15 August end, #thesamplestore

Winner will recieve samples
4 Cure water
2 Ginvera spa bodymilk
5 sets of Ginvera day&night cream
1 Ginvera whitening marvel gel
2 sets of Palmer's facial care
2 Waterdrop sun cream SPF33
3 Thefaceshop hydrosplash BB cream
1 set of Kracie cleansing kit
5 1000hour wax strips(I suggest you can throw them away though)
1 Sunsilk frizz control cream

The sets contains two or more types. Eg. Cleansin set contains gel cleanser, makeup removal and cleansin serum.
it is 10 types of samples with a total count of 26 items.

Items will be collected by normal postage. (can be change to registered if u add $2.50) or by meetup.
Good luck guys~~~

On a random note, my baby boys are back \(//∇//)\
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