The Gyaru vs Visual Challenge

This idea is taken from Rox @ woxje

So~~ i am rather free these days and i couldnt do videos due to several reasons... mainly because of the filming. I've been so anal with it that i got tired of it myself. So before i actually have the heart to complete it, here is something lighthearted to fill up my time.

Basically, you can challenge me to any Gal or VisualKei looks.
I will try to finish them as fast as possible.

Gal Represent

Visual self [ok i lied. This was jus a change out from my cosplay but...butttt hahahaha /gets bricked... i m jus too lazy to search for a decent picture]


Oooooh! This is a really cool idea... Doing both the gyaru challenge and then doing the visual kei at the same time! Well, can you do Sakurina style and then Ruki (the GazettE) style?
Mie said…
Whoa, you look fantastic in both!!!
O: I love both your gal and visual style a lot.
キャセデイ姫 >>>> woah~~~ okay!! Challenge accepted

Mie >>> thanks!!
Morumii said…
Woaahh!! You indeed look good! I'm going to think of a chalenge for you ;3

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