House of Night

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I dont even know if i have gotten the right girl or not *laughs*
these few days, i have gone back to my geekself. Reading fiction and going to the library.. All thanks to one digital book that i have downloaded on my mobile to read.

I would say that i m rather intrigued by vampires, demons, mythology, gods, folklore and whatnots. No, i am not one of those twilight fans. Infact, i never knew what twilight was about really and i would prolly never because it defiles my image of what those myth blood feasting beauties should be like. The only thing that i've enjoyed about twilight was prolly the spoof movie, Vampires Suck. It was quite a good movie.. Well, and admittedly watching a comedy at 10am with 5? other friends was not totally sane. Made us even crazier than usual but all is good.

Anyway, back to the book. The book i found was the House of Night series by P.C.cast. I might have to go into town to actually find the full series to loan out or spend abit of money on reservation of the books because there is simply no full sets available for loan at where i live. It is a pity really. Other than the vamp series, Cast has also written many other books. Mostly dealing with greek mythology. The other book that I have read is called Warrior Rising. A re-written greek mythology of Achilles, son of Thetis and leader of the Myrmidons army. It is a second view of how his warrior life went and how he did not just died because a stupid arrow struck his heel. It sounded like a more logical version of the original, in my opinion. Overall, both books have kept me reading and interested. If anyone likes the categories as much as I do, it is probably an awesome read.

Nowadays i have been rather confused and insecure. Both mentally and physically. I used to be so sure of myself and in everything i do but now i have doubts with every step i make. Today, my body failed me. As i stumbled my way back home from work, vision blurred out so bad that i had to resist the urge to make a breakand run home but my body couldnt handle a run at that time so i'll prolly fall. Upon reaching home, i felt slightly better and made myself lunch before proceeding to knock for 6hours. Retching problem came back since a week ago, i had that problem durin my last three months with shin and continued for a good two months after that before it went away. I thought i was fine but i am wrong prolly.
Insecurities in mind. I rather not share since my thoughts are not exactly the nicest. It is prolly about alot of things but i wish it would just go away.

Bloggin at 3am is something that i havent done in a very very long time. I guess i jus did not have the strenght to even stay up anymore if not for my sleep in the afternoon just now. I am still feeling rather worn and i will prolly knock out the moment i close my eyes again. I have to wake up in 5 hours time for a shoot. Honestly, i m really too tired to the point where i dont feel like going. Prolly head home early tmr, and sleep early. That way, i wouldnt have to answer to anything or anyone.


On the lighter side of life, I am really happy that people are supporting [Project Mori]. I have recieved quite abit of applications and I am totally pleased. I do hope to see more applications though even if it makes my choices difficult.
Even though the goddess of wealth has yet to look at me, but i am sure that she will set aside abit of luck for me to be able to pick more gals. Havin only 3 is too little for such a huge community all over the world *laughs*

Seeya soon guys



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