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ahhhhh!!!!!! I seriously cant seem to get anything done no matter what (怒`・ω・´)

Anyway, what am I up to nowadays. Honestly speaking its crazy... I think I am up and about so much at one shot that the moment i rest, my stomach problems comes back. omo.

lets date back abit..

So last thursday... I was invited to the Diamond TV Party by Stacy.
I randomly just inquired about it and within minutes, I was rang up and slotted into the priority guest list. /shocked It happened so fast that I couldnt comprehend for a moment there. Of course, I did not party alone, I brought twinneh and a new friend Eliina. We missed the lingerie show sadly cos of management miscommunication, I was kind of upset and felt sorry towards Eliina cos the show was the main point she came along for.

Met alot of new people there and I daresay I had fun. I still dont like clubbing but it was the best experience of all so far.
I was introduced to tons of people and I was also approached by tons. I've lost count how many people grabbing my arm and kissing my hand. Seriously, everyone was really hyped up and all, so I dont blame them.
The ferrari racers came down after their spins to party too~~~ too bad I wasnt able to stay

Outfit for the night

-One piece from U.D.A
-Bag from F.Timber
-My usual rings and braclets
-Rose Hairpiece[fashioned by myself]
-black Chandelier earring[off brand]
-Customed heels inspired from Dreamv [I am selling this pair and two other pairs -click here- ]


Before heading out~

YAY~~~ met up with twinneh first.
Her bottom lashes kept dropping so she had to fix it... and on top of that,poof up her hair with another layer of half wig. Honestly she did not really have to do that, but she is lazy to style the first one in the first place so naturally... two flat ones would make up one styled one.


A better picture of my dress and bag[that i nicked from mommy]~~


This is Eliina the sweet lady ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu ~~~ *hearts her lots* despite missing the show, she stayed back with us because i was nominated for fashion comp happening there. Nt only that... she took care of ALMOST-DRUNK twinneh when i was busy being dragged around to meet new peeps.

Our bouncer at the entrance to VIP area~

Aside from the SORELLA lingerie show, we were also treated to the release of the new Roberto vodka. It was free flow... which pretty much explains the almost-drunk twinneh.ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

The dance girls who are like mad skinny with huge boobies. /jealous much?^( ̄□ ̄#)^


DJ ANGIE VU HA!!! I wouldnt say she's the best DJ around but hell. SHE IS FUCKING AWESOME. I mean... hot bod in lingerie while dropping mean loud music *shrugs*


my pictures are meh cus i did not bring a cam so it was all snapped with my phone, but I SWEAR!!! she is hot. how hot? see for yourself


Had to remove my nail deco on friday for sat's cosplay shoot... *sighs*

After that was sat's cosplay shoot and den sun's Jamfest where Renaissance was performing as guest band.

If you have been following my blog for a long time, you would prolly know about Renaissance. They are a local visual japanese rock band formed by good friends~

The band has been through huge changes in the lineup due to some issues but they are all good~( ̄▽ ̄*)

Vo. Neo [This picture was because it was an order from higher up. dont ask.]

Gt. Leonard[sessionist, look at those armsssss hurrrr ]

Gt. Riku [I still cant get over how pretty he looks in this. I am proud of my skill for this photo even though I am an amature... ok i lie, he just looks good.]

Dr. Pearson [the one whom i call elder brother, he takes good care of me ^^]

Ba. Jarvis [sessionist. he is really a funny guy.. with alot of weird face poses in cam but its all cool.*laughs at another photo on FB* i think it was a really good shot too.]

Key. Aaron [sessionist. I'd say... this guy DOESNT SMILE alot. I am not too fussy about that though since he always smile for my camera. HAHAHAHA i remember the first time i camwhored with him at DF, and i was like OMG YOU SMILED!! and he was was like HUH? REALLY? *both of us scanned the picture in the cam. den he was like heh you lucky *smirkish* YES I M LUCKY v(* ̄▽ ̄*)]



For the final section of the blog today is some "scans" that i made from AneAgeha.

WARNING: these scans are actually PHOTOGRAPHS and it is NOT a complete book.

reasons being I am way too protective of my magazine. I dont lend them out randomly, so if you have took my mags home before, you are prolly one of the privileged ones that i trusted with my mags. I dont like opening my mags too wide, and if i bring them out, i put them in a hardcover file. You get my drift.

So~ I wasnt able to give a full version of the mag in a full page form. I took the important parts though... like hair, make and coords.

So~ hope you guys enjoy it.
If you are unable to dl it in anyway, do drop me a comment.

download link:


Lolo said…
So Gorgeous(Do You Mind If I Use you as Gyaru of the day for my lovely gyaru life twitter?)
The boys of Renaissance are gorgeous <3
lolo >>> sure ^^ you are more than welcome. you can tag me too ^^ @sochii_andelia

yes they are ^^
looks like you had a great time :) you look so pretty. i <3 your hair.

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