Challenge : Sakurina Style

So~~~ awhile back I was actually challenged to reproduce a Sakurina style.

Honestly speaking, even though I simply adore Sakurina's style and sort, i've never thought of pulling off anything in her style or whatsoever because its daunting.
She has this ability of looking VERY ABSOLUTELY GLAMOROUS even if she is just wearing a normal cardigan and some denim shorts.

My first thought was to do rokku gyaru. Typical, i know but that is what Sakurina was known for.
Which was decidedly why I was against that thought too, because i simply do not have much rokku clothes.

It was by pure chance of luck that I was able to snag this piece of off-brand maxi that matches the Stella piece that Sakurina modeled in Ageha before. The tie-dyed gives abit of edge on the lady piece, which was rather her, like how she mixes super frilly cute tops with chains,metal and those. An edge to a girly side.

Her heavy eyemake is well-known and really differs from my usual eyemake[mine is much lighter] but i decidedly did my best in it and chose similar pointy lower lashes like she always uses.

Her lips are always in a gorgeous strong colour, pushing forward the pop in her eyes. Well, it so happens that her eyes and lips are always a heavy focus. I chose a red lippy for this time, but i swear I am not going to have another red lip experience. The whole feeling was marvelous and sexy for me, but in some frames, I disliked the similarity i bare to someone i know. All in all, I am never going near bright red lipstick ever again, I still love wine red and deep maroon though~

Hair wise I had a hard time. The usual Rina doesnt really style up her hair much unless she is attending an important event or shoot, so using that lousy reason, I gave myself a loose tousled look. My hair isnt thick due to the several layers that I have to accommodate to my visual style, so it came out below expectation but trust me, I felt awesome going out that way.

For those who wanna know where i usually get my haircuts from. I am actually quite proud to say that, its my friend, Lucify Gazette [click for her blog]. Like me, she started off with visual and she is moving in Gal, and i daresay she is very suitable for it and she looks darn adorable.

I wouldnt say I am an avid fan of collecting accessories but I am quite proud of whatever I have. I tried to deck on as much as I can to bring out the rokku edge, but it seemed to wallow out in the photos. I love the layered necklace that Locke brought back from Thailand though, it was really lovely.

YAY~ shoes~ for this look, i wore black gladiator wedges. It would have been perfect if the wedge base was in black but I had to make do with it. I've seen her worn wedges/peeptoes in so many occassions that I've lost count even though she is actively modelling for super high heels and such, so I thought that it was a good choice to choose a pair of wedges to match the maxi.

On to the pictures~~~





My only regret would truly be the lack of awesomely pretty nails. Some day, i do hope i can have nails like hers.



I have not been blogging properly at all, and I couldnt even put up a filler post during the 10 days of absence. I sincerely apologise to all readers for it.

I could prolly come up with a hell lot of excuses, but it would all boil down to procrastination.
I have not been able to finish tons of things, but I am very focused on getting a job first so do forgive me. I have to work out everything slowly and I cant only update so much. I really love the online community and the support everyone is giving me.

Firstly, here is a platform that i verbally vomit on EVERY SINGLE DAY. ok... prolly every 1-3hours BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. Point is, I update here often with things that happen in my life and PICTURES[yes we all know pictures are awesome]. If you really like reading my blog for whatever reason, I am sure you will love my twitter.

- crazy little nippets
- pictures in real time
- HELL LOT OF RETWEETS [from jrockers and their labels, a hell lot everyday]
- and of course emotional rollercoasters... I am afterall a buip ._.


Do nt worry even if you do not have a twitter account. Like my blog, my twitter account is absolutely open to the public.
Unlike some, I dont lock anything online unless you are talking about my gaming info, credit card info YOU GET THE DRIFT. I've always believe that if you are going to post it online, you are ready to show it to the whole world. For those who are not, go and keep a fucking offline dairy. Its better that way, rather then making people go AWWW I WANNA READ BUT ITS LOCKED. Its like telling people, I bought a new pair of heels but you are not going to see it no matter how much you beg.

I am just that bitchy about the above issue you know. *shakes fist at heresy* but they are doing it to earn money, so thats a different story *laughs*


Abt project M.

I will be bringing this project to a stand still for now because I do not believe that I can carry on with it without the sufficient finance. So until den. It will be on a stand still.


I will try to update my birthday post asap even though it is wayyyyyy overdued.

But it was lovely that is sure~~~ afterall... it is my one and only 21st that spanned over a period of a week. it might not be super special celebration but it had became one of the best because it was spent with friends who really cared and loved me for everything that I have done.

I am 21. As much as I do not want to, I have to start acting my age which is ridiculously painful because of my own issues. Saying that i will try just doesnt seem to cut it for me anymore, i have to do it. Harden up, Strenghten up, and face this world alone.
I know I have great friends and all, but afterall in some situations especially in the matters of mind, you will be left all alone and only you can comfort yourself.


By the way, if anyone is interested to know the handsome ninja that i've posted to appease female readers. The series is call Shall we date?
So far, I have two renditions. One is call Ninja Love [where Saizo is from] and another one is call Heian Love [where my love, Abe is from]


kelly said…
sooooo pretty~! sooo sexy too! <3 hehehe
Kelly >>> I SAW YOUR LOLITA SHOOT. IT IS ADORABLE and you got jimmy to shoot you <3 isnt he awesome?
Lizzy said…
aww you look so pretty & i love your dress its wonderful n.n
candyyyy said…
candyyyy >>> Thanks <3 hee~ its the makeup

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