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Here is a picture of sexy Saizo frm an otome game i m playing to appease all u girls who read my blog ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ sorry guys~ hahaha

Anyway, let me explain my absence for abit.
As some might know, recently, i've turned 21 during last month. The celebration was almost a week long and straight after my celebrations, I had to work for an event, Comex, under LG.
Theorically, i would be free after the weekend work but no. I have to fall sick and at the same time rush against time to complete the GLF preorder catalog. I am still very sick by the way... \

Imagine this.

Me, sittin at my bed with shorts n oversized tee, in specs, no make, messy hair clipped n pin in a random manner and armed with tissue while coughin every 5 min and working hard on the damn catalogue. I have no choice really since no one can help me anymore *shakes head* tmr is the release, i m nearly done with the clothes only and there are still shoes.... JIPUN(Japan in dialect)!!! Y U GOT SO MUCH CHIO STUFF??!!

That aside, initially I was planning for my next post to be of my birthday celeb but NAY, no can do cos i have no time to sort out the pictures so i've decided to do a filler post with mah phone.

On my recent holy spendings *coughs* eventhoughihavenojobandmysavingsaredepletinglikecrazy *coughs*
WHAT! (๑≖ˇдˇ≖๑) they are awesome spendings!!

So on wed, i went for an interview which went well but nt so well at the same time. They sounded willing to hire but i was reluctant to join n become one of the people i dislike the most. I asked to be a coordinator not a talent scout... If it was still a month, i can accept it but 3? No thanks... I rather do sales n coldcalling.

After that, i went to LiangCourt with like some out-of-this-world enthusiam to get my ageha mag. However horror awaits me.... I was presented with the newest Ane Ageha vol.4 too .... *silence with crickets background*
HOW?? HOW THE HELL... is there NO, ABSOLUTE ZERO reviews on whether Ane Ageha is worth the buy compared to Ageha?
the thickness is the same and so is the price... I was spun into absolute dilema of at least 15mins. I bet i've looked stupid clutching that two mags, walking around Kinokuniya and mumbling to myself with curses.

In the end... I splurged 30bucks for two mags thanks to Kent-chan's last min rescue with a 20%disc card... So here they are~

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Ageha in the fore and AneAgeha at the back

Obviously, AneAgeha would mean its a sister publish. Its targetted at above Age25 Agejyos. However, most of the featured are for around 28-30. This mag is packed full of make n hair tutorials for hair n tutorial lovers of Ageha. They have your usual slimming adverts n fashion coordinates pages, and they also talk about how 25 above Agejyos maintain their looks, and of course there are stuff about lip fillers n whatnots being mentioned.

Here is my verdict. Unless u are really interested in the lifestyle of agejyos above 25, i would honestly say that this is nt really worth the buy. I would honestly just stick to Ageha. There is tons of make n hair tutorial in this release but prolly only because this release is dedicated to it cause i sew that other editions are different. The other editions are collabs with NUTS and I♡MAMA. In deduction, its prolly about older agejyos and age-mama life.

I know for sure though that I wont get it again until i turn into my dream mommy of two boys~~ hehe


My second review for today is another awesome buy hur~~~

My bath salt~~!!(❀ฺ´∀`❀ฺ)ノ

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I have been eyeing this salt for quite awhile now but was it due to the high pricing that i did not buy it or not i simply cannot remember.
I was just randomly shopping with Jin @ BHG @ the clementi mall that i have yet to explore and i daresay, that bhg brings in the best items that u can think of. I have my sights set on the collagen facial mist/lotion/mask cos that stuff WORKS.

So anyway, me n Jin went sniffing at all the bath salt and this was the one with the nicest smell~~ the others were pretty meh imo. I mean me and Jin have very diversed likings but if we can agreee that only this one was good, it means a hell lot. So both of us got a bottle each, and it happened to be the last three bottles~~~ it weighs 400g, super huge tube and all for only 10 something bucks, after BHG discount, it was only $8.60. For such a HUGE tube of seasalt, the price was amazing.

Seasalt exfoliates and detoxifies skin. This tube is useable on both body AND face ~~~
The brand is AquaRine. There are other scents like rose, greentea, chilli, milk.

So according to whatever that is written on the back, it helps to remove dead skin cells, blackheads through exfoliation and improves skin conditions like dark spots and open pores.
It is also used for breakdown of fat cells *YAY* and renewal of skin *duh exfoliation*

All the ingredients are fully au naturale.
Includes: seasalt, peach leaf, jojoba, seaweed, natural active of oak, loquat leaf, pine needles, honey

You can go research on the properties for the ingredients because i m jus gonna rave about how awesome it is.

They stated to use a generous amount but i simply couldnt even though it is such a huge tube... So i squeezed out about 1/4 of my palm and it was acutally enough for my body so i proceeded to a wittle scrubbing session *lots of hearts*
The peachy scent was totally intoxicating and i feel so happy throughout~~ it was actually slightly warmish after awhile due to the friction caused by scrubbing probably? But thats okay~~~ cos it is rather gentle on skin. After washing off the salt, my body actualky felt much smooth, i was so happy that went on to try it out on my face.

Squeezed out about 0.5cm and start wiggling it over my face. It was warm without even the need to rub your face for more than three times. Its like your fats are melting away. After washing it away, i was prativally dancing for joy in the bathroom. My face felt ridiculously smooth compared to before i washed. It was even better den my usual exfoliation with Cure.

I cant say how satisfied I am with this amiunt spent for so much joy and scent in the bathroom. I am going to look forward to exfoliating from now on~~~

Overseas babes should totally try this cos of the winter weather that is coming up. You wont want dull skin even if you do put on makeup~~~ skin changes every 3 days if i m nt wrong, someone can correct me on this.
The one I am using is AquaRine peach, japanese aroma bath seasalt IN coarse salt. I figured there might be fine salt versions for lighter exfoliation but hey~! i am a rough girl, so i need more heavy duty care i suppose *rolls eyes*

Hahahahah anyway, thanks for reading this useless filler post. I really hope i can get back on schedule because i've also completed one of the gyaru challenge for a sakurina inspired.

Geheh \(//∇//)\


Chaudie said…
I hope you're feeling better. And I hope you message me with an update on the Star Gals competition.
Awayuki Himeko said…
omg! how did you download Shall we date?: Ninja Love? isn't it only available for US users? Saizo looks so cute btw. ^▽^
The Storyteller said…
Well designed, well meaning, entertaining. I share your feeling.Keep it up.
Chaudie >>> thanks ^^ i will announce it soon

Awayuki >>> ahahaha is it only for US users? I din know >w</ If so you should know the best way to get it without me saying it out loud *winks*
Awayuki Himeko said…
oh~ i get it ゜▽゜ can't find a suitable link yet though..

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