Crazy Weekend with Kawaii.I

GOOD BYE BUSY WEEKEND~~~ *waveswaves*

so~~~ last week was pretty hectic as I had a last min baito + filming sessions~~

so i'll tell the story along as I show you some picture~~

MY NYANPIRE BROKE BOOHOO~~ it was major bad omen, because something happened after that but it was cleared up quickly so it was all good but nyanpire is still broken and I had yet to fix it up~

My hairspray finally got into Singapore. This is VO5 superkeep in scentless. Got this with Ren they all because Ren told me that it was a brand that most jrockers use and its holding power is awesome, so I got it ._. /noob hahaha~~~ Freaking 330g worth of hairspray but hell..the total weight for it was 450g. Jus for the record, I wont be bringing it in anymore even if it is good due to shipping fees and other lawful reasons[well mainly law but if i find some way around it, i will consider again].


Cause my workplace was situated at Douby Ghaut, they were having a LoveAffair event there, showcasing wedding planners and dress designers. I got a couple pictures before they told me no picture taking. THERE WERE NO dresses are pretty *inserts being-bullied face here*
Nevertheless~~~ These are the kind of dresses I want for my wedding. SO TAKE NOTE OF IT, MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!! [if he ever reads back on this post about 7years from now. rofl./unlikely]



so on thursday night I was transforming a wig as usual because the old style is really too ugly.... so...
I changed it from a fringeless ugly shit to this.
but I am selling it still @ $45


Wore the wig for Friday event!!! Here is a faceshot of the day!!!

Petz @ has drop-boxed me the rest of the pictures so I will be editing them and posting them in the nex post~~

Met up with old and new people, so very happy.

Saturday's look

The Sparkling CottonCandy founders~~ heee petz started it first btw! I was the contributor of the funny name


from left to right Cammie, Lawliet

Petz, Rahzel[Sandra]

Ariel, Hana

Seika-mommy and Liping went off before i could take a photo with them, but petz' camera has the photos~

We had lots of fun during the filming. The start of the filming was delayed though because Ariel came late...
We were filmed at cashstudio!!! Prolly got one of the biggest room, and it was really impressive.
We were also give the pretty limited domo-kun from kawaii TV. It is really adorable. I'll blog about it next time.

However we did not have time for alot of singing, and were ushered out and had to rush towards cineleisure.
We took neoprint, and were filmed shopping at [the nailpolishes which i reviewed from] and finally ended outside of cineleisure at around 5pm odd.

After the filming session, i went on to change my hairstyle into a smaller and more comfortable version cos i had to attend ayaya's bdae parteh~~~/0/

Spent $42 on the buffet dinner *slaps forehead* my budget is over-killed in one night, but it was aya's bdae so oh well. Lawliet shared some black cute cat in tiger outfit with me for her bdae pressie.


went out on sunday for a lunch appointment and ashteyz' bdae~~~ hurhur the libras~
Lawliet shared ashteyz' present with me again and we got her 3 small gloomy bear bunnies hurhur

was so tired of dolling up actively for two days that i toned down.
randomly tied some cute plait-work and went out with light make.
Rose necklace - Taiwan, Davin bought it as a souvenir for me
Rope piece[was attached to a wooden pendant] - Thai, lawliet bought it as a souvenir

but both pieces quickly took their place in my favorite pieces to wear cos of their simplicity.

This is a FOUR piece outfit *snickers*

interchangeable mode-style Sleeves/vest/scarf - offbrand, mom bought it randomly~~~
vest - offbrand from bugis street [some overpriced punk shop on 1st floor]
top - BlackMoral Ug [ruki <3] Shorts - offbrand, taobao[yes i m proud] Heels - Santa Barbara [heavily abused pair because i use them like slippers HAHAHA] Photobucket

some random funny picture
toro's too stagnant but still furious driving~~


Second piece of news is that garder la foi's preorder has been EXTENDED.

This fall is about LONG SKIRTS and WEDGES with LOWCUT BOOTS~~~~
so why not get yours now??






Have an awesome and fashionable winter hee~


On a side note. today is my dad's birthday...


you look so cute with your wig <3
and happy birthday to your daddy :)
Doku said…
Thx for your comment Kamiya chan ♥

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