If you know someone that needs Fashion Inspiration, be the friend that help and teach them how to get the best Fashion or Art Inspiration. Let's help Gal's in need! I hope you Gal's can help me send this message to every Gal in need and your welcome to repost this POST! I want that the bully STOP's in the Western Gyaru Community, If we stand up for unders, they will stand up for US. So, STOP BULLY! and Love the Gyaru Fashion and teach other Gal's in need. God bless you♥

Well... I am not from the WESTERN gyaru community but I am not Japanese either... so where do i belong? hahahahaha but still, if help is needed dont be afraid to approach me. Be it fashion inspirations, tips on anything related from hair to horoscopes *laughs*, shopping services and such ^^
you can jus email me really, with the correct headings so i wont take it as spam mail and delete it

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Since I m bored and did almost no productive posts this week, i might as well post this up. Lots of backlog though... trying to clear them *laughs*

back to drama series.


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