END OF 2011!!!!

Because everyone deserves and awesome end so Sebby's picture is the best eyecandy for all, even guys.

Coincidentally, this is the 101th post for this year and I have less than 30mins to complete this before step into another year of awesomeness. *frowns*

Okay, lets sum up the random funny AND important events for this year...

1. First nuffie event @ Nokia Oki where i come to know Kaika[did i get this right?] from the cosplaychronicles.com
2. My brother broke up with his girlfriend, and i realised how close my brother is to me actually.
3. Garder La Foi opened.
4. My laptop broke down D8
5. Me and RRRR started a breakfast ritual *hearts*
6. Started hanging out with Kent and Davis again after years.
7. Valentines, Jon and me went around the country like old times being Cupids.
8. Chopped the sides of my hair STRAIGHT, yes it is a big issue as long as i alter my hair 8D
9. Failed dying the blond parts of my hair... TWICE. nuff said. lol.
10. twinneh wriggled like a worm while sleeping at my place beside me. ROFL.
11. Comifest. I did sheryl for an event. HAHAHAHAHA *dies laughing*
12. Twinneh's bdae
13. Cosed Alois and twinneh was my claude.. had fun acting cute the whole day~
14. SOYC. MY HAKUOUKI TEAM WON!!! I am so proud that even if we are freaking unprepared and jiao, we won with an epic seppuku anyway~~~
15. My neighbour died... she watched me grow up, studied and started working... I was extremely distraught about it.
16. My first 15CM heels and my first GoldsInifinity wear... mad happy about it!
17. Atas cocktail flight experience with a good companion, davin~ made him drink up all the alcohol cos i dont like it HAHAHAHA
18. Worked at alienware with twinneh... but we were quite =.= with the person in charge cos he complained about our choice of clothes for second day when we were obviously attracting more attention den first day PPFFTT...
19. Sakurafest, cosed nana two different versions. My first solo performance. Shinn gave me courage to stand up there honestly. Also at the same time, locke was on his way to becoming mah mini escort hahahaha
20. Singapore first gyarusa, Sparkling CottonCandy was created by Denise 8D with a little help from me~~
21. I got a full-time job that I actually liked 83 and came to know Alex aka paopaolong
22. Twinneh made my cosfest as awesome as usual ^^v
23. Did a proper fashion editorial shoot with Jimmy~~ shoot with twinneh until 2am morning *laughs* we got lost with a heavy baggage
24. Cosed Rin with Venven and realise he looks like me with makeup done by me LOL. Did panty for teenage auditions... surprisingly, me and twinneh did get in with some lousy performance. lousy on my side obviously, she was awesome.
25. Project Mori started but on hiatus in the end cos I have no job to fund it.
26. NatsuMatsuri~ went in true agejyo style this year... happy with how I look and with great company in great health. awesome.
27. *starting of my life to night drinking?* hahahaha~~~ went to Attica for with twinneh for the first time, twinneh's first time clubbing, met ellina. We had alot of fun~
28. Dedicated a whole weekend to Kawaii TV. Had a weekend filming with them along with all the Sparklies from Sparkling CottonCandy.
29. Started reviewing products from TSS.
30. Dressed up as XX and Cheesie for a chance to go to NAPBAS 2011. Cheesie called me cute *rofl* so funny can.
31. Did a short hair tutorial vid /proud of not being lazy
32. Attended NAPBAS 2011 cos I WON A PLACE TO GO, BITCH HAHAHAHAH~~~ met alot of people, including some of the ones who follow now~~~
33. Did a relationship post and watched the vid i posted almost 30 times.
34. Threw up outside for the first time in 15 years. due to christmas drinking.
35. Had fun picking out clothes for sales and arranging them with mommy dearest. Best way to end 2011.

On top of the 35 pointers, I've recieved several gifts, well wishes and great new friends as well as current awesome ones. Not to mention the celebrations of one week for my 21st birthday...
It has been a blessing for me to be loved by someone, to have friends of so many, and to be appreciated and heard by all.

To say the truth, this year, my emotions has been dangling on a string extremely and so has my physical health. However I am already pulling myself up by that string. I have awesome people helping along even if I do not have a boyfriend, which of course I am still NOT looking for one.

For people who enjoy putting me down and insulting, I would say another good year ahead for you too. Without you all giving me the attention, I would be no one.


finished it just in time for new year, bitches HAHAHAHAH

signing off~


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