Napbas 2011 shortupdate only.

Dont bother to read this post if you are looking for a full writeup on the event.

I am going to give a super viable excuse for not updating... WORK.
The moment I reached Singapore yesterday I was freaking tired and physically hurt and drained, I had to go to work for a makeup assignment today. Tomorrow I will be heading out for another make assignment, lady luck seems to be smirking a little at me finally.

Here is the winner list for NAPBAS 2011 that was shamelessly koped from Silver @

She went home on saturday night cos she had an event the next day /sad

Best Parenting Blog - Childhood 101

Best Geek Blog - IPinoyLike

Best Photography Blog - Photoblog 摄影札記

Best Food Blog- Lady Iron Chef (Congrats Brad!!! YAY for Singapore!!!)

Best Fashion Blog - Cheesie

Best Lifestyle Blog - Jenni Epperson

Most Original Blog Design - Eat, Show and Tell

Best Travel Blog - Just Wandering

Best Entertainment Blog - Beautiful Nara

Best Micro-Blog - @Kennysia

Xiaxue took down both the Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog.
I tweeted about XX's win if you guys were following. As usual for every action that she meant for it to happen or not, will always invite controversies, haters and new followers. Honestly, I really think she did put in effort no matter what she did. At least she made something good out of her life. My two cents.

Imo, I was very disturbed about LadyIronChef's hair... ^^lll It looked kind of weird.
Cheesie was freaking small and cute please =A=;;; i've always had this ide that she was tall[like my height tall] because she looks tall beside audrey... but no. lol. she is mini cute like XX. hahahaha!! Audrey is... pea cute? HAHAHA they are all cute i guess.

I did not forget my main intention. MEETING STELLA FROM STELLALEE.NET. Hailing from Indonesia, this woman is a huge pack of energy. She is SO FREAKING ENERGETIC... but when s knocks out, she is really out... i'll leave that for another day when i blog hur.

I had an absolutely great time with her at this trip and it was sick awesome /0/

Of course, I ambushed Lenne @ on our way there. For those who dont know, I first knew Lenne in cosplay but the first time we had really talked to each other was just two years ago during a shoot where I was dragged in last minute. She shot my Yuki Souhma, which up till now is still a top favourite cosplay picture of mine and still my deviantart icon. Got to know her friend Jean too, who is like... an old me. HAHAHAHA guyish and all.

Not to forget, I caught up with an old friend Leon @ OpenTheToy and met a new one HongPeng @ Hpility. Both were my head-home bus mates~~~ well... we talked for the first 20 minutes maybe...and then...everyone knocked out HAHAHAHAHA. I kept nodding around...

She will be in my napbas vlog with me~~ so stay tune for that. She is already happily ROM-ED and soon to hold traditional wedding, so happy for her can? Best of all, we share the same ideals on room cleaniness.
our rough guide: It is okay to mess up while rushing but make sure it is always cleaned up straight after. Always keep everything in one corner.

I was seriously nervous that my roomie cannot accept my sense of make+hair+fashion+music.... but... GUESS WHAT. awesome roomie is AWESOME. Her makeup is as thick as mine...okay la, hers lesser cos i fucking vain. Her hair was also awesome. She loved my furries and wants them too, and she told me she likes my playlist. SHE LIKES MY PLAYLIST. *cries for joy* Ionno why, but when people tell me they like my song choice or listens to the songs i recommend, i feel fucking touched can?
She loaned me pretty rose earstud too on the first night [when we know each other for less than 4hours?], mad friendly gesture, cos stupid me is stupid and forgot the most important accessories EARRINGS... so i only had my two black spike studs on the left.

Also met bloggers frm thailand, philipines,hongkong but that isnt really a huge highlight but i'll blog about it too in the long updates with pictures.

Last but not least, I was really happy that I got to know Shintaro-niisan and Yuta-aniki. I swear they will become like my fairy godbrothers or something~ hahaha~~~

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Super high and lack of rest with great loss of blood.Dont ask.

*rolls over and dies in bed to wait for morning ressurection*


stella lee said…
post pics and all soon! And make me miss u more!!! T______T <3

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