Relationship: GUYS vs GIRLS


Why you might ask am i blogging about this? That is because I am inspired by two video which I will show you later and I am too bored so I decided to blog but I needed a topic because blogging senseless things demotivates me a huge lot unless it seems un-senseless to me. Get my point?

Honestly, Girls vs Guys has been an age old question. Google search and you will know what I mean. It has been a HUGE HUGE problem. Not only on girls and guys, but
also on horoscopes and bloodtypes too, which by the way I am very into.

However, I will show you the first video first.
This is a scene from hindi movie Pyaar Ka Punchnama (released on 2011) which I find very amusing and true... to a certain extend, because different girls from different racial backgrounds have different views and problems but there are a few common views in it.

I couldnt stop laughing the first time I watched it and then...I couldnt stop watching it. I've lost count of the times that I've actually viewed this and I find it really amusing.
Dont say I am siding all the males now in order to get them to notice me. Let me speak from both sides regarding every single topic from now*i lies*.

"Relationship means enter into it with your own happiness"
SO TRUE PLEASE, but it refers to both sides as well. As much as guys think they suffer, girls have their own pointless brainless sufferings as guys would deem it but girls refer it to important sacrifices anyway.

Its true! After that, all you care about is your partner's happiness, his/her birthday...and well... some of them, his/her pets' birthday. Even parents' and siblings'... *laughs* but HEY we all do that willingly so why complain? If you dont like it, there has got to be a problem because they will become your family one day and so will their pets.

"Batman issue"
Guys win: Really, girls do NOT know how to appreciate some things and will only learn to appreciate when it is gone. They will always demand for this demand for that.
Girls relent: We jus want you to be something that no one else has ever been. In short, we are making life really impossible for you but it is all for your own good as we always claim but we are right anyway.

"Hug issue"
We all know that everybody needs love and attention. How much is too much, how much is too little differs from person to person. It is not only gender. I've met guys who ask for too much and guys who want too little. I can never decided which is the right amount to give to them either, and neither do they know how much is okay for me. It all boils down to personal preferences.

"Shopping Issue"
Guys win: REALLY. FUCK LA GIRLS. remember the picture of the route of a guy and girl in a shopping mall? IT IS TRUE. On this issue, I have nothing to say because I really hate it when girls shop like that, and IT INCLUDES ME. I get abit frustrated with myself sometimes when I see a guy waiting for me while i shop too. Why cant you just get what you want and get the fuck out?

on the other hand, if leisure shopping is agreed upon beforehand with NO GOALS,NO AIMS,NO NEEDS, i'd say that the women shopping route is acceptable.

"Phone Issue"
Not only happens to guys, it happened to me too. Sickening shit so i know how it is like being hounded and I do feel guilty if i hound someone but that is only because I am a worrywart, but then again it is no excuse.

"Eating issue"
Guys win: This really irritates the shit out of me. If the girl wants to eat, eat. If the girl doesnt eat, LEAVE HER TO DIE. Honestly, I think all girls should stop using not eating as an excuse to get your guy's attention. I think its moronic, and why torture yourself? You are just making a nuisance of yourself.

"Work Issue"
Guys win: All we really want after work, is to rest and have our own private time. You are already occupying all our off-days, is it not fair to just ask for time off after work? DOES IT KILL YOU TO SHUT UP AND GET LOST?

Girls win: If you love me, you would make time no matter how tired you are.

"We never talk, we need to talk, I dont think its working anymore"
This sentence sends me into a sputter of laughters.
I use this sentence sometimes too.
Guys win: we talk all time, you need to shut up, it is only working if things are going your way.
Seriously, if you really think its not working, ask for a breakup. Why torture the guy? Plainly it is just asking for attention. I know because I use it for attention because that is the ONLY TIME guys who really love you will start talking to you and solving that shit on the spot.

"Any discussion with a woman is an argument"
90% truth. 'nuff said.

"Guys' memory"
Girls, dont bother. They wont even remember what they have said to you 3 days ago much less what they did for you 5 months ago. We remember, they dont. As simple as that, the more you look into it, the more you ask.. all you will get is disappointment, frustration and you start on drama again and its war. Simply not worth it. If they dont remember, just say its okay and let it go.
Dont use what they forget as weapons in arguments really, its like kicking them in the balls. It hurts them and make them angry.

"Suddenly the whole argument will flush down the gutter and the topic will be 'How dare you point a finger at me?"
Guys will automatically lose when girls find them offending during an argument.
I recall my uncle and my aunt quarreling once...they were arguing and immediately my uncle lost when my aunt say:I DARE YOU TO RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME ONE MORE TIME!
Personally, I really dont like it when someone raise their voice at me. If you are loud from the start till the end, I have no problems with it. If you raise your voice at me, you are dead meat. My heart/sensitivity just cannot handle the raise. Girls or guys, do it to me, and I'll make sure you will hear no end of it.
I DO RAISE MY VOICE. I DONT DENY, but that is up to you to shut me up.

"Friends complaining issue"
Honestly, I have no problems with this myself but i find it so true.
Almost 99% of the people I know do this. They complain to the partners' friends and get shot down for it bad, ESPECIALLY GUYS. Major poor things. Then again, girls are a whole lot of jealous bunch when in love.

After a guy's side of video, lets look at a girl's side of video

Lyrics and lyrics translation here

I am just going to do an overall huge breakdown for this song.

Girls and guys are on a different wavelenght obviously. Girls need alot of time and attention but they need to be pampered too but that will require money and guys will need to work for that resulting in lack of time which leads to inability to be attentive however girls do not take that into account mostly because some of the girls have jobs too.
See my point?

Sometimes I do feel the lack badly, but ignoring is the best way to avoid drama. He's happy, you can find other outlets. If you did mattered, he would call if he realise it. If not, it doesnt matter either, someoneelse will appreciate you much more than he did.

So all in all. The keyword here is COMPROMISE but then again some people are too stupid to understand and some people think they are smart enough to know what they are doing. That is another whole story.
No answers? That is the answer. You will never get an answer out of this and I've waste, probably, a good whole 2-5minutes of your time reading this gibberish. If I was such an expert on this, I wouldnt have so many failed relationships.
Fall in love , get hurt, move on... AND FALL IN LOVE AGAIN TO GET HURT TO MOVE ON AGAIN. I will never learn because I am looking for that one perfect guy even though I know he doesnt exist and it is kind of depressing. That is the partial reason as to why I am not going into anything now because it is just too much for me.

Even if I smile because of a certain guy, I know the same guy will make me sad.
SEE? WOMEN ARE TROUBLESOME. No wonder some of the best guys turn gay really... they were good enough but some women just think it isnt enough.


Alot of things happened today but I decided not to blog about it because it is really demoralising... However I still think mats should be banned from bikes, I nearly got ran over on my way home. I was walking on the side of the road[YES I KNOW I AM AT WRONG FOR WALKING ON THE ROAD], it was at the SIDE like most side. like you know, THE CEMENTED GROUND WITH DRAINAGE GRILLS?? Fucking motorbike nearly ran into me if I have not stopped in my tracks and him missing me by centimetres... ON A ROAD THAT CAN FIT TWO CARS. I suspect he was drunk... either that, or he should get into a motorbike crash.

Other then that, I had a good dinner company today. It cheered me up abit despite what happened for the whole day.

Anyway, here is my code for today~~


New top, new bag, new furreh legwarmers and new shoes~
Shoes scraped the back of my heels till they tear and bleed and hurt like shit during bathing but for it was good for a pair of closed heels, because it did not hurt though I wore it out for 5 hours? Usually closed toes heels hurt like shit for me after two hours and the scrapes were NOT the results of 5 hours... I got it after the first 10 minutes of wearing it...rofl.


Nuffnang Asia Blog Awards is in another 8 days. I have roughly sorted out what to wear for when and for what. Cannot wait to meet Stella from [go visit her!!! she has fanmail from Gackt HUR~~].

One huge problem is my nails.
My nails are ugly, I have no money for acrylic or gel extensions. The fake tips I have orders were not what I wanted when they arrived and I decided not to wear the 5-6CM tip because it is really inconvenient, esp when it is not firmly attached to your fingers like your real nails.

I wonder when I will ever get nails like this...


or this...



well. thats all for today... I've spent one hour blogging all these to entertain you guys #heroicact *laughs* joke.
Have a good day/night guys... I am gonna go sob in a corner now after waves and waves of emotions. #foreveralone


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