Of room cleaning pt.1 and other randoms

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Dont ask me why this picture, i just think that they are all red and suiting for CNY *laughs*

This was suppose to blogged on my phone due to me abusing the freedom my new 2 metres cable gave me while charging my phone but the blogger app fucked up anyway so i decided to reblog the whole thing on laptop because i forsee a sleepless night[if i dont wear out my brain by blogging] due to some personal problem.

So~ this is gonna be a whole lot of random chunk, just bear with me~


Before I start on the main topic as usual, here is a few random topics~

On monday, I went out with Brandon to try out the Antoinette's because we were eyeing the pretty cakes and sweets on last wednesday night. I swear I will dead broke because this guy keeps dragging me out to have expensive but awesome sweet treats..

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He couldnt tell the difference between the teas *laughs* and was so extremely doubtful of me when I switched the teas that the waiter served us. I ordered chamomile while he ordered some other fancy tea flavor. Of course i knew how chamomile smells like because I am ever-so-familiar with it due to my dependance on it during a period when I was too tensed and couldnt sleep.

Antoinette's was so fanciful that they couldnt even use a normal bill book... they had to use a heavy jewelled trinket case.

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After that we went to a karaoke session with YQ, Lawliet twinneh, Invinc and some guy whom i did not catch the name. Simon joined us after his work too~~
YQ and I did a few MFLO numbers and we were like hey~ this shit works! If we can practice, we can even perform *laughs* oh yq~~ yes we can.*pats his head*

Twinneh was the troll of the day. She went around slotting in trolling songs like oldies, hokkien songs and the most epic song of all, My Humps by BlackEyePeas.
Me and twinneh did the fergie part while simon,brandon and Invinc did the guy part. We were all laughing like no tmr cos it sounded so damn good yet so damn funny. YQ did not join in cos he was going OH MAAM YOU CAN TOTALLY DO BIMBO NATURALLY. Yes, I can YQ. Must be britney influences since young 8D

Me and twinneh also did Love you by Cyndi Wang... SUPER OLD SONG and so damn epic cos of rap. Everyone was like homfg*facepalm* I still think twinneh is my best duet partner for lovesong duets so far...

Missed my visual look alot due to riku's new hair
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Recently i started using Line to chat with aniki,niisan and stella. Dont bother adding me if you want to talk to me on line, I wont respond. Line is exclusively to talk to them only. The rest will be on whatsapp , twitter and facebook.

Recieved pictures from them and see them doing awesome. One sad thing is that they cant come to SG anytime soon because they are piled up with quite abit of work, so their SG plans in JAN are cancelled.

Yuta-aniki, ever terrorizing me with his singlish
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Shintaro-niisan, my new japan shopper 8D hhaahahha
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Love these two guys alot~~~ they are like older brothers for real. Taking really good care of me even though I've only known them for a short time.

well i dont really need to show you guys stella do i? She has a huge load of pictures on her own domain Stellalee.net
An awesome indonesian gyaru beauty blogger i am thankful to know and be close with~~


Random laundry before I started cleaning

Yes i had to do that...
*inserts virgo description here*

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and this is the reason why i always seem to be wearing the same shirt
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Room cleaning story.

I do this every year but never seem to be able to finish cleaning so this year, I am using a different approach. THROW ALL THINGS OUT!!
I am going to throw alot of things out like memorial items that I do not need and kids toys and stuff... Gonna clear out most of my anime merchandises after CNY too.

Found a few interesting stuff but I am only postin a few here

a card from Jin @ Cookie no Logic hahah huggles*
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People who are interested in nails should visit her cos she is really crazy about them but she is just starting up so give her blog a try k?

Found stitches in my drawers~~ forgot all about these babies~ they were given to me by mommy quite a long time ago. So happy to see them again~
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This has to be the most epic find of the day... not because i found it, its because twinneh and chiru found them too 8D OUR $2.50 CHEAP EYELINER DAYS~~~

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saved their share on twitter

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/0/ woooo~~ it was good times. Now all of us have upgraded to our respective favourites which costs like probably 6-10 times more *laughs* but value for quality right?

More of cleaning finds will be updated on twitter [@Sochii_andelia]


Happy moment of the day~ the shoes from yumetenbo and linosug came in~~~ HURRR

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Beige yumetenbo heels for Chiru. Suppose to be Xmas gift but turned CNY gift *laughs*
Black yumetenbo heels for mommy~
and finally linosug strappies for my cny along with my bodyline gold heelies~


Last issue of the day which i need suggestions about.

Some of you might have known that i have been into horoscope for sometime and using it actively to help out some people.
I was also planning to set up a twitter account to tweet about horoscope but now I have second ideas. Should I set up the account to answer questions instead of just plainly tweeting horoscopes? My deductions/predictions or what ever you call it have hardly been called wrong on, so should I?

well~ time to go roll around somemore.

I am trying to avoid quarrels but that doesnt mean I am not upset. I know it cant be helped either.


Nana said…
Wow! Seems like a penltiful day! : D FOOD!

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